Friday, December 9, 2011

The strongest ally of cancer is smoking

The Cancer Research UK has launched the largest study ever done on the cancer and its causes, which is credited with having investigated in depth the relationship between lifestyle and propensity to fall ill with cancer. And Max Parkin, the epidemoiologo who led the research, is very explicit: 40 percent of cancers can be prevented is not in the genes, nor is written in destiny.

RECOMMENDATIONS - just to avoid cigarettes and alcohol, weight control (especially the ladies) and reduce exposure to the sun. And remember to eat fruit and vegetables (especially good advice for men). The research, published in British Journal of Cancer , says that 4 out of ten cancers are due to their habits of life and the destiny of human beings is in their hands, sometimes more than one is led to think. In essence well 134 000 cancer diagnoses each year in Great Britain would no longer exist if the style of life follow some basic rules and be accurate 40 percent of females and 45 percent of males do not get sick.

ALL THE SINS OF BAD HABITS - The number one enemy of health and the most faithful ally of the tumors confirmed to be the cigarette. At the top of the list of causes of cancer are in fact the smoke, which causes the disease in 23 percent of men and 15.6 percent of women. Following the trend in overweight females. In particular, breast cancer is often correlated with the excess weight and obesity in general determines the 5.5 per cent of cancer and in particular the 6.9 per cent in women (10,800 diagnoses) and 4.1 per cent in the male population (6,500 diagnoses). Alcohol is directly involved in 4 percent of cancer and particularly in the 4.6 per cent of cases among men and 3.3 per cent of cases among women. The absence of fruit and vegetables in the diet is responsible for 6.1 percent of male cancers and 3.4 percent of those women. Overall, therefore, a diet low in fruits and vegetables and too much salt is in charge of 9, 2 tumors of one hundred.

MINOR ENEMIES - The list of accomplices of cancer is still long and there are many other behaviors or conditions in direct connection with cancer . Just think of the human papilloma virus, common cause of cervical cancer (cancer that begins in the cervix point), lack of exercise, the work in contact with harmful substances, hormonal therapy and radiation. Fourteen environmental and behavioral factors combined together are able to determine the disease in thousands of cases and the stronger role is exercised by the trio alcohol / smoking / diet, because 34 percent of the cases of the disease. A good reason to say goodbye forever to stop bad habits and always talks about genes or bad luck.

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