Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Only smoking!

A decade smoking, which equals 43.554 cigarettes, at 12 per day, with a variable two years without smoking, telling the teenage rage curve adorned endless outlets and nerves to face the world.

I have over 48 hours without inhaling and exhaling the smoke. I have several copies on hand about the benefits of quitting. Two days after prevent nicotine, it is assumed that my blood pressure has decreased, my pulse is lower and the temperature of the blood in my hands and feet increased.

My oxygen levels are at even that of a nonsmoker.

Ok, I told the doctor. Here you go, my bag and pulled out two packs of cigarettes and two lighters. He convinced me to quit. To me it means that when you get to a meeting to be alone, I can not talk to my friend the Marlboro cowboy. I will miss him, he so handsome ... not tell with advice when you are about to enter a customer visit. I'll send it to fly out of airports, as a jealous boyfriend, where fume gray beings as if they were about to end the world. I will not have to run out of bars, meals or "smoke-free buildings," which now are all so platicarle of my troubles.

Today I learned to glory divorced eggs I had for breakfast. My palate has come to life. Coming soon are expected to climb stairs bofee not, that nicotine disappears, breathe better because almost almost hoarse cremitas I can use my hands tangerine flavor without stink to snuff.

My teeth are like Jaime Camil, my skin and my hair shiny and I predict will be eternal happiness and so on. Oh, and I will not have wrinkles around the eyes. This is wonderful. What creams, my ass! Even lungs I have dark gray, but strangely I have no anxiety. If I was half the disastrous first day, but that's it. I'm not fat, no need.

To not die trying, I suggest, if you are willing, the following tips. I know there are thousands in Google, but they serve me:

  1. Buy straws, cut strips of celery or carrot for the time being in front of the computer.
  2. Have handy packages or pallets gum candy.
  3. Prepare several bottles of water with chlorophyll and / or extract jamaica.
  4. No going out to bars and not drink alcohol. Not a beer gentlemen, at least the first few weeks.
  5. Drinking coffee to be tested. This is to feel that you are the king or queen of the world survives because not smoking.
  6. Placing 40 pesos each day in an envelope and spend it on the weekend of your choice otherwise.
  7. Believe it. Ya. You do not smoke.
  8. An emergency number in case you feel absolute anxiety. I have not used but I want to see what it is that 1-800 have at our disposal the different levels of health of our beautiful and beloved Mexico.
  9. Some reserves cranberries, walnuts, cucumbers, jicama, sunflower seeds, fruit.
  10. Walking 30 minutes a day. If you go to your grocery store, buy water, Gatorade and look down on cigarettes. Watch them as enemy number one in his life.

Smile to life. No more having to buy those awful packs showing us stillbirths, gangrene in the foot, tumors in the mouth. They got tough, the marketing of my friends good cowboy. The truth is that I bought a couple of cigarette to avoid them.

Is that for real! A smokers have us cornered. Parents and doctors are the first. And did you know that you can blah blah blah? It's the worst. Yes, we know. And we smoked. Or as a friend said when asked Paul Auster: Why do you smoke?, Well because I like coughing. Missing more, I say.

We are a despicable group, with special places, like having a contagious and incurable. We smell awful the next day. The stark worsens, becomes more intense. Our home traps odors, like our clothes and reproach us for that.

We are in the sights of millions of campaigns.

And in the end, the truth is that the glamor of Maria Felix with his cigar not have the majority. It is very clear that at least I do not.

Mariana Gallardo

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