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Broken heart ... more than a song

These quotes from novel sighs from time to time after a break loving years, swearing that we have broken the heart, may not be as exaggerated as they seem. A "heart partí'o" not only is the work of genius Alejandro Sanz or romantic cards, but something much more serious, especially for women. Scientists have confirmed that Broken Heart Syndrome has nothing to do with sentimentality, but with heart disease more common than we think.

When Juanita, one of my patients at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, he entered the emergency unit, it appeared that he was the victim of a heart attack. The chest pain and shortness of breath made him think. After all the tests there were no results for test it, because his arteries were perfect. However, an echocardiogram or ultrasound showed that his heart was contracting only a third of normal, as if asleep. At that time, I remembered that Juanita had lost the man who accompanied her for 50 years. Then I found the answer to what was happening.

In the United States is known as Broken Heart Syndrome while in reality his name is apical ballooning syndrome or as it is called in Japan, Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. Symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath, are very similar to those of a heart attack, but affects only the heart muscle and the coronary arteries.

Has nothing to do with risk factors for common cardiac conditions, but with stress, emotions and loss. According to studies, the condition is due to an increase of some hormones like adrenaline in times of stress. Not clog arteries like a heart attack, but the muscle suffers and is weakened too much.

It's so easy to confuse it with a heart attack, estimated that between 1 and 2 percent of those who are diagnosed as victims of one, actually they have is Broken Heart Syndrome.

Lack of awareness of this clinical phenomenon, but it is known that particularly affects post-menopausal women as love blossoms in spring, apparently, also the breaks, because between this season and summer, most often occur cases this disorder.

It pays to be clear that:

  • In general, it is not a fatal condition.
  • With medication and intensive care often heal.
  • No sequelae.

To avoid misdiagnosis, it is vital to tell your doctor if you are going through a stressful emotional situation as a loss. Not so easy to rebuild a broken heart, but in these cases, with time, treatment and a new hope, always returns to beat.

Dr. Juan Jose Rivera
Renowned Cardiologist, Medical Adviser to Telemundo

The ABCDE of melanoma, five letters that could save your life

In these days of intense sun looks fresh, fresh, fashionable, sexy and showing lots of skin to give honor to summer. However, beware of ultraviolet (UV) because they can be deadly and damaging your health begin with the appearance of "mere specks" on your skin and thus cause the dreaded melanoma.

Melanoma is a cancer that originates in the skin by malignant transformation of cells called melanocytes. And the melanocytes are the cells that are responsible for the production of melanin, the substance that gives color to skin and hair and protects against UV radiation from the sun.

Melanoma is a type of aggressive skin cancer, which tends to spread very quickly and has a prognosis of less than eight months, however if melanoma is detected early can be curable.

It is therefore important to periodically check your body and your skin for any changes or abnormalities in moles and see a doctor if you have any doubt in the appearance of a mole. This way you could save your life with early diagnosis, preventing the disease continues to advance.

At a press conference, Dr. John W. Zinser Sierra, Coordinator of the Oncology Committee of the Faculty of Medicine, Autonomous University of Mexico, said that in America there are 3 million 500 thousand people with skin cancer each year. The survivors of skin cancer, melanoma is caused by about 800 thousand people."

The incidence of melanoma in women aged 18-39 has increased eight times in the past four decades, according to a study by the Mayo Clinic.

This high recurrence warn us to use the chart below as a reference when making your skin periodic review. As a way to detect skin cancer melanoma is taking into account the following aspects of a mole.

By Lourdes Gonzalez

How to lose weight if you have gastritis

Dr. Salomon Jakubowicz

I care for a patient with gastritis who wanted to lose weight. When I said I acidity taking Omeprazole controlled knew it was an easy patient. Only asked if he felt tired and I measured the magnesium.

Slow metabolism because of Omeprazole

By eliminating stomach acid decreases magnesium. Thus the sugar from food can not enter muscle and fat is stored in the abdomen.

How to cure gastritis without taking Omeprazole

Before performing expensive tests, it is faster to address the four most common causes of heartburn, stomach pain and gas.

Most patients with gastritis not even know your diagnosis. While taking omeprazole, walk with her swollen stomach among physicians who have made all kinds of diagnoses: IBS, reflux, fatty liver, ulcer, uric acid and triglycerides, gallbladder problems and have even tell who invent these symptoms.

First it was stress, then discovered the bacteria H. pylori, but recently there are five common causes. Gastritis improvement to solve all these causes together.

Foods that cause gastritis

Although good diet, sugar-free sweets are often the cause of gastritis and few doctors know.

The sugarless candy (gum, chocolate, ice cream) produce the same effect of foods rich in fiber integral.

As with fiber, sweeteners isomalt, sorbitol and maltitol are not absorbed by the body, to occupy space in the stomach, causing a feeling of fullness that reduces appetite.

Diseases that cause gastritis

They also often suffer from gastritis when the door is not closed stomach after eating. The insulin resistance decreases nitric oxide allowing food to be returned (GERD). A stomach so elastic or fullness leads to weight gain.

Intolerance to foods that cause gastritis

Symptoms of gastritis do not begin immediately after eating sandwich, cookie, cereals, chocolate, coffee, or yogurt, but after the next meal. So it is difficult to recognize the cause. As the symptoms develop so long after, no one thinks at breakfast if symptoms associated with food lunch.

What these foods have in common? Lactose. Skim milk is good for weight loss, but at age 25 begin to lose the enzyme to digest it and over time symptoms appear lactose intolerant. Ask any pharmacy a lactase supplement with 9,000 IU and take every time you eat a food with milk.

Those with gastritis should take lactosérica protein with water or lactose-free milk instead of skim milk but even better is to take it along with the supplement of lactase.

Other common causes of gastritis

All patients to start taking Metformin for weight loss or prevent diabetes, feel sick to your stomach. It is best to start with a low dose (500 mg). Giardia is also very often the cause of the discomfort and with a single dose of Tinidazole is enough to heal.

Medical recommendations

By suspending the omeprazole, the acid in the stomach comes back worse than before. It is best to cure the cause.

Doctors gun violence qualify as a new social disease

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, USA (AP) - After several recent public shootings in the U.S., public health experts believe it is time to give a new approach to the problem of gun violence: a social disease.

They say it takes a public health approach to address the problem, such as road safety measures, changes in products and traffic laws that reduced the number of deaths in crashes for decades, even as the number of cars on the streets increased.

An example: metal railings highway safety are now curves in relation to the ground instead of straight edges that pose a threat outstanding at the time of a crash.

"People used to be skewered and We blamed the drivers for it," said Garen Wintemute physician, professor of emergency care who directs the Research Program on Violence Prevention at the University of California, Davis campus.

To reduce the number of deaths at the time, not enough to try to improve the driving skills of people, and today is not enough to address gun violence simply focusing on people who commit the shootings, according to Wintemute and other physicians.

What these experts suggest is a pragmatic, science-based, grounded in the reality of a society saturated with weapons to seek better ways to prevent the damage they cause.

The need for a new approach crystallized on Sunday for one of the nation's leading experts on gun violence, the doctor Stephen Hargarten. The doctor treated several victims of the shooting at a Sikh temple in the emergency department he runs in Milwaukee. Seven people were killed, including the assailant, and three were seriously injured.

The incident occurred two weeks after the shooting that killed 12 people and wounded 58 others in a theater in Colorado, and two days before a man pleaded guilty to killing six people and wounding 13 others, among them the then Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Tucson, Arizona, last year.

"What distresses me is: Is this a new social norm? Is it with this with what we have to live if we have more personal access to firearms?" Said Hargarten, chief of emergency medicine at the hospital Froedtert and Director of Trauma Research Center of Wisconsin Medical School.

"We have a problem of public health care," he said. "Are we going to wait for the next outbreak or something we can do about it?".

Between 260 and 300 million firearms are in civilian hands in the U.S., where nearly a third of households have one. Firearms are used in two thirds of the homicides, according to FBI figures.

In about 9% of violent crime using a firearm, or about 338,000 cases each year.

More than 73,000 patients were treated in emergency rooms in 2010 due to firearm injuries, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States (CDC, for its acronym in English).

Love affects 12 brain areas

Forget about butterflies in the stomach. To feel nervous as a schoolboy and nail-biting waiting call. A study shows that the process of falling in love is much more than those typical reactions and triggers chemical activity involving intellectual areas of the brain 12.

The work was done by Stephanie Nettles, Department of Psychology at Syracuse University in New York, who has long been investigating the relationship between human sentiments like love or passion, and his counterpart at the level of brain activity.

It aims to develop clinical models that explain-and demonstrate-that the body reacts in specific ways to different feelings. To do this, reviewed thousands of studies of imaging techniques, EEG, CT, among others, and reviewed the medical records of patients, to identify areas of the brain associated with different types of love: from a mother feels by his son to the love between people with disabilities.

At the conclusion of the study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Nettles says that in addition to substances such as dopamine and oxytocin-known long-have to do with love, this meta-analysis shows that different types of love involve to different parts of the brain. And up to 12 brain areas react in a particular way to this feeling, including those related to intellectual ability.

"Falling in love, an individual puts into action a dozen brain areas. These areas work in coordination and release neurotransmitter molecules such as dopamine and adrenaline, which generates different emotional responses, "said Nettles.

These complex emotional responses ranging from the beloved metaphors and ideas about body image to see traditional cardiac acceleration to reach the loved one. "Love is so complex that works in general on the body and metabolism," says Nettles.

Given this evidence, the expert says it would have to reconsider all the iconography that wins the romantic heart of the central role in the process of love ... and may be replaced by an image of the brain.

Nettles analyzed different types of love as unconditional love often feel a mother for her child, which seems to affect different parts of the brain that are impacted by the occasional love, which exists between people with disabilities or stable love partner.

In its findings, the researcher explains that the infatuation, the feeling of love, triggers this cascade of reactions that are often accompanied, at least in the early days, a feeling of great euphoria. It also states that although the process of falling in love takes time, when love is found, this mechanism is triggered in just a second.

And returns, this wonderful impact on brain activity is what can be measured with modern technology.

Can you live without sex?

Asexuality, which many consider a new sexual orientation, is gaining ground in the world. They are the people who choose to live without having sex. A 26 year old woman tells how to live without the pleasures of sex.

According to a British study on the subject, it is estimated that between 1% and 5% of people worldwide not having sex. They are sick, or do so on moral or religious reasons: they are defined as asexual and say that they feel no sexual attraction to other individuals or the same sex or to the opposite gender.

Asexual people, when they partner, create a different emotional tie to the other and this does not mean having sex. The asexual romantically involved with others through romantic relationships that do not differ much from the friendship, because the physical component is absent.

According to a British study on the subject, it is estimated that between 1% and 5% of people worldwide not having sex. They are sick, or do so on moral or religious reasons: they are defined as asexual and say that they feel no sexual attraction to other individuals or the same sex or to the opposite gender.

Asexual people, when they partner, create a different emotional tie to the other and this does not mean having sex. The asexual romantically involved with others through romantic relationships that do not differ much from the friendship, because the physical component is absent.

Johanna Villamil is a young Colombian woman who works as an artist and cultural manager. Declared asexual and says: "I think the options relate to the time are very limited, can only be friends or have a romantic relationship, which is not the same as a link with sex," he told the newspaper El Mundo.

He says that this feeling of asexuality originated in it at age 20, "When I was reading the book 'The Philosophy of Andy Warhol" for an art class. I identified with the reflections that was about sex and love , I realized there was someone who thought and felt as I do, and this prompted me to look for more people. So I came to asexuality "he said.
The official site of the asexual
The asexual want to be heard and defend their rights, so have created a website: Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN) a virtual community that is expanding worldwide.

"The web has several objectives. On the one hand, we have a meeting place for us where we can meet more people and grow as a community. The second is to have an education area for us and for those interested. Currently in Hispanic version we have 2,000 people and have affiliated with 300 hits a day, "said Villamil, one of the promoters of the site.

"We are in a society where love, sex and intimacy are inseparable from each other. If you have sex is hard to imagine how to access and love, let alone be intimate with someone. In our community, indicates , we believe that privacy is an important factor in a relationship, and fortunately, there are more ways to create intimacy than sex. "

The asexual community believes that in a world increasingly sexualized, the number of people who enjoy more than a non-sexual intimacy is increasing.

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