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Vitamin D deficiency associated with heart disease and death

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - After analyzing data from more than 10,000 patients, a team the U.S. found that 70 percent had vitamin D deficiency, with a much higher risk of heart disease than the rest of the population and twice as likely to die.

But the use of supplements to correct this deficiency decreased by 60 percent the risk of dying, the researchers at the University of Kansas .

"We expected to observe a relationship between heart disease and deficiency of vitamin D, but we were surprised with how strong," said Dr. James L. Vacek's Hospital and Medical Center of the University of Kansas. "It was much deeper than we expected," he said.

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with many diseases , but few studies have shown that supplements could prevent them.

Vacek's team reviewed data from 10,899 adults, which they had measured vitamin D levels in blood at the hospital of the university. In over 70 percent, the levels were below 30 ng / ml, which is the value considered healthy.

After considering the medical history of patients, drug treatments and other factors, cardiologists found that people deficient in vitamin D were twice as likely to have diabetes, 40 percent more likely to have hypertension and 30 percent more likely to develop cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease) than those without nutrient deficiency.

Moreover, this group had three times the risk of dying from any cause than those without vitamin D, as published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

By focusing on users of supplemental vitamin D, the team found that the risk of dying from any cause was 60 percent lower than in the rest of the participants, although the effect was even greater in those with vitamin deficiency at the time of evaluation.

The study does not prove that vitamin D is responsible for the observed effects, other factors such as disease, could explain the differences associated with the state of health and vitamin D levels recorded.

The latest national survey on health and nutrition of the population (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) estimated that between 25 and 57 percent of U.S. adults have insufficient levels of vitamin D.

Vacek attributed it to how to obtain the nutrient, said it should be 90 percent through the sun and just 10 percent through food.

The human body produces vitamin D when skin is exposed to sunlight. Certain foods, like fatty fish, eggs and fortified milk, also provide the nutrient.

To absorb enough vitamin D in the sun, which expose the entire body for at least 20 minutes daily in the warmer seasons, but Vacek said most of the population spends enough time outdoors.

Injury prevention programs in athletes take time

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A program of stretching and endurance of three months had only a temporary effect on the prevention of injuries of the knee in soccer players, compared with a nine months' duration.

"Most injury prevention programs last between 10 and 12 weeks. We think that from then, if nothing is done, the player will return to the starting point," said Darin Padua, a professor at the University of North Carolina .

With his team prepared Padua 15 coaches youth soccer leagues for their athletes performed three or nine months for an injury prevention program of warm-up sessions for 15 minutes before each practice.

At the beginning and end of training, the team evaluated the mobility of players with tests such as jumping from a box, down on the floor and jump back. These movements reveal the risk of injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee.

At the end of training, all athletes performed better on these tests at baseline.

In general, players committed between five and six errors in the motion test before the program and between three and four after the program. Five or more errors indicate a risk of ACL injury.

"The types of errors are very obvious, so that we can change one or two shows that athletes could change much of their biomechanics," said Padua told Reuters Health.

Three months after completing the program, only players who had completed nine months kept the changes.

The team did not determine whether the improvement in performance on tests of movement actually decreased the number of ACL injuries.

But a recent study of youth soccer players and basketball revealed that participants in a prevention program were 44 percent fewer injuries (without contact with another player) players who had not received the same training.

For Gregory Myer, Professor of Medical Center of Cincinnati Children's Hospital, training to prevent injury should be extended, especially in the preseason. "The injury rate increase at the beginning of the season," he said.

Female athletes are more likely to injure the ACL than men, said Myer, who was not involved in the study. The ACL injury increases the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis.

SOURCE: The American Journal of Sports Medicine, online November 7, 2011

Rituximab would be effective in systemic rheumatoid vasculitis

"He achieved complete remission of the VRS (systemic rheumatoid vasculitis) in almost three quarters of patients treated with rituximab in daily practice, with a significant reduction in the dose of prednisone and acceptable toxicity profile," said Dr. Xavier team Puechal General Hospital Le Mans.

The experts noted that systemic vasculitis affecting a small subset of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

National Register Autoimmunity and Rituximab, the researchers identified 1994 patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with rituximab, including 17 patients with confirmed active VRS.

After six months of therapy with rituximab, 12 patients had complete remission of the vasculitis, four had a partial response to treatment and one had died, the researchers found.

At the beginning, the middle register in the group of VRS on a scale of standard vasculitis activity was 9.6 and average prednisone dose was 19.2 mg per day (mg / day).

These values ​​decreased to 0.6 and 9.7 mg / day, respectively, after six months of rituximab, the report said.

There were three cases of severe infection, one patient died of sepsis, one developed subcutaneous abscesses with cellulitis and the third had a recurrence of postoperative infection in a prosthesis placed on one elbow.

None of the six patients who received subsequent treatment with rituximab preemptively experienced a relapse.

However, three patients receiving methotrexate alone or no maintenance therapy had a relapse of vasculitis.

According to the results, the team concluded: "Rituximab represents a valid therapeutic option to induce remission in VRS, although it seems necessary maintenance therapy."

The authors also reported that at the last follow up 16 patients were still alive and 15 had a sustained complete remission.

Fatty liver disease does not affect survival

A disease condition known as nonalcoholic fatty liver (NAFLD) does not increase the risk of death, according to a new study finding that surprised researchers at Johns Hopkins.

It has long been thought that NAFLD, a condition associated with obesity and heart disease, had a deleterious impact on health and longevity. But the new study concluded that NAFLD does not affect survival.

"The doctors have thought that fatty liver disease is actually a risk factor for cardiovascular disease concern," he said in a news release from Johns Hopkins University study leader, Dr. Mariana Lazo, a postdoctoral fellow Welch Center for Prevention, Faculty of Medicine of the school.

"Our analysis of the data shows that there seems to be. To say the least surprised us, because we expected at least aware of how much disease increased NAFLD risk of death, and instead of them we find that the answer was that anything, "said Lazo.

The researchers analyzed data on more than 11,000 Americans aged 20 to 74 years of age who have been followed up for up to 18 years as part of the third National Survey examining the health and nutrition.

According to the study published in the November 18 issue of the journal BMJ , found no evidence of an increased risk of death in 20 percent of participants with NAFLD.

According to the American Liver Foundation (American Liver Foundation), NAFLD affects up to 25 percent of Americans. The condition is characterized by the inability of the liver to break down fat, with fat accumulation in this organ.

"We do not know why mortality is not affected or might actually have a protective effect of the disease of NAFLD, but it seems that the ability of liver to accumulate fat could somehow protect the body from the effects other harmful health problems like obesity and diabetes, "said Lazo in the press release.

Propolis, a drug prepared by bees

These are months in which our body is more subject to inclement weather and sudden temperature changes that challenge our defenses. For this reason we must be prevented by diet. In this post we stop in propolis , a completely natural substance, produced by bees, which represents a powerful natural medicine.

Propolis is a substance of brown color, smell sweet and sour taste that the bees used to close cracks in the combs of the hive. It is a substance made ​​from the same substances as honey, but in this case will have other properties propolis than honey. This is what has turned into a substance propolis widely used today to prevent infection in the body.


The main attraction of this substance lies in the high doses of flavonoids it contains, and flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that not only is responsible for protecting cells from attack they receive from abroad, but also are responsible for regenerating and mitigate the damage caused as aforesaid. To this we must add its origin, because the bees collected from the plants, one of the best sources of flavonoids that exist.

A high flavonoids and their antioxidant power we should add another set of benefits we provide propolis, namely we stop at the contribution of minerals, including iron usually found, although the amounts of it will depend greatly on the location of the hive and the surrounding environment. The same applies to the amounts of vitamins that gives us, and among which we highlight several vitamin A and group B.

Strengthening defenses

For this reason, propolis is a powerful reinforcement of the defenses of our body, helping us in this time of year to avoid colds and other diseases caused by bad weather. Not only that, but will also help to mitigate and reduce the effects of these harsh in the case of developing and infection. Although it is one of its main applications are many others that we should emphasize is propolis.

Acne Remedy

It is a good ally to eliminate acne and this condition causes havoc on our skin. The way to act on acne may be two ways, orally, ie, ingesting the preparation of propolis or otherwise applying it directly on the affected part. Act with antibacterial Propolis, and that will end the tract infection with the bacteria that cause acne.

Stopping oral infections

A time to improve our oral health propolis is also a good ally, and we will both eliminate any infection of the oral cavity, such as wounds, ulcers, yagas ... Just to make rinses will gradually stop with infection. It is also a good ally to end the toothache, and also has a calming effect that will serve us much help.

Throat infections and digestive

In throat infections and digestive system is also a good ally, and that will help strengthen the area and make the body's defenses improve, enhance and end by themselves with the organism causing the infection or the discomfort that both affects our health.

These qualities are what make this substance a good ally to maintain good health. It is true that it is not a miracle product or anything like that, because its effect is cumulative, so it is highly recommended to get used to their intake to maintain the body's defenses in perfect condition and ready for anything. Propolis can be found in specialty stores, health food stores and increasingly in supermarkets.

Create a 'superbrócoli' which removes toxins

A team of scientists from the Institute of Food Research and John Innes Centre in Norwich, United Kingdom, have created 'Beneforté', a new type of broccoli that is even healthier than their natural variable, as it provides benefits such as the ability to remove toxins, lower cholesterol and prevent cancer.

They have been promoting one of the components of this vegetable, the glucoraphanin something to work from the early 90's. Specifically, researchers, inspired by the anti-cancer properties associated with glucoraphanin, chose a wild species of broccoli with high levels of this component and mixed it with a cropped version to create a hybrid.

The new plant type showed high levels of the compound present in his 'father' wild, but like a normal broccoli. In the process of creation, which has lasted 15 years, scientists have also been able to remove sulfur that can give this food a bitter taste.

A key part of this study was to explore the benefits in health that could bring the new plant. According to Professor Richard Mithen, "identifying glucoraphanin itself is important and achieved mainly with cultured human cells."

"Taking human cells, placing them in petri dishes and adding this compound to see how cells react. In this way we identify compounds that have anticancer properties," said the researcher, who says that "have been able to demonstrate the benefits of the disease cardiovascular, we are still working to show whether cancer has. "

To achieve these benefits, Mithen Beneforté Eat two or three times a week as part of a diet healthy. This 'superbrócoli' is already on sale in the UK and will soon be in the world.

Children consume more buns than milk

More obese and have higher rates of overweight . So are the children of Madrid from 3 to 13 years with respect to the immigrant from Latin America living in the capital.

The study presented yesterday by the European University of Madrid next to the Abbott Foundation reveals that indigenous children have a 4% increase in obesity and overweight problems that Latin Americans living in our city, with 14%.


This report conducted on a sample of 443 children from 26 different centers determined that consumption habits, in some as in others, contribute to poor results.

Breakfast is the meal of the day that is given less importance. By midmorning only consumed 16.9% of dairy versus 30.2% of bakery products. In addition, fat intake is considerably higher (44%) to the protein (14%). Another important finding is that girls outperform boys slightly overweight and obesity. On the other hand, only 3% of children Madrid daily exercisers.

According to Agustin Rivero, one of the authors, "the numbers are still high in both populations" and warns that overweight and obesity are diseases which can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis or even cancer .

Spain has a índicede child obesity and overweight was 26.7% according to the latest report available. The World Health Organization says that 43 million children worldwide suffer from this disorder.

The medicinal value of a good diet

Since the Greeks, have been given much importance to food in relation to health and disease. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, attributed to the diet an essential role in the processes of disease and as a universal therapeutic remedy.

Since the 1970s, interest in the diet gets a new boost. The great pioneering epidemiological studies draw attention to the risks associated with poor diet and high intakes of some components such as fats, especially saturated fat. Other studies show that concentrations of blood cholesterol (cholesterol) are among the risk factors more directly involved in the origin of cardiovascular disease and, specifically, in relation to ischemic heart disease.

These results and other epidemiological evidence have ratified the interest of the diet in the prevention and treatment of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. Started to take off the prospect of maintaining desirable weight, with a diet low in fat and high percentage of complex carbohydrates, accompanied by physical exercise and moderation in alcohol consumption may have effects positive to avoid both obesity and hypertension and other ailments collateral. Another conclusion of these large studies is located on the need to limit salt intake.

It is almost certain that a family has been informed that you have "removed the salt or sugar or fat."

European health authorities have set fulminate excess salt, as it relates to hypertension and cardiovascular disorders. And too much is, according to World Health Organization, exceed 5 grams per day. In other words, a spoonful of dessert, when in Spain is estimated that on average, take 11. Similar fate of sugar, too much consumption of which is associated with obesity.

Everybody is perfectly agreed that the salt and sugar are necessary elements in a balanced diet. That would completely eliminate harmful, unrealistic and would undermine the pleasure of eating. "The key is moderation."

Protecting Vegetables
Today we have solid and consistent evidence regarding the protective role of fruit and vegetables on cardiovascular disease. Most of the studies, but not all, show that fish consumption is associated with lower cardiovascular risk mediated primarily by omega-3 fatty acids. In some population studies have observed a protective role also involved in regular consumption of nuts on cardiovascular risk.
Considering the diet as a whole, the traditional Mediterranean diet has a favorable profile for protective cardiovascular and other degenerative diseases, is rich in olive oil, includes moderate consumption of wine with meals, includes a high intake of vegetables, high consumption of cereals, including bread, substantial consumption of fruits and vegetables, low meat and meat products and moderate milk and dairy products. Without doubt, the reference diet at this point in history.

A belt to stop cesareans

At a medical conference in southern Italy in 2006, Sergio bioengineer Casciaro asked a group of gynecologists to use a monitor to oversee a birth . A doctor said, " we rely on the digital method . " Y "digitalis," continued the doctor, "I refer to the digits that extend from the palm of my hand "and waved his fingers in the air. Casciaro was dumbfounded . "I could not believe it still would not have technology that would provide an objective review of birth, "he says, trying to fill this gap, Casciaro and his team of researchers devised AMOLAB - Automatic Control of Labor. Tying a belt transducer over a woman's pelvis, the device is capable of transmitting live images of the position and angle of the fetus until birth. Designed by scientists at the National Research Council in their spare time, and AMOLAB has won the National Award for Innovation in Italy.

This summer, they began their first clinical trials . To provide evidence of the continuing developments of the birth , the instrument Casciaro says 3-D ultrasound could deter doctors from performing unnecessary cesareans. "If the national rate of caesarean sections has reached the 40 percent, and in the south of Italy there are peaks of up to 65 percent, there must be a problem, " said Casciaro. "I think the situation is out of control." For decades, obstetricians and midwives have been based largely on their own clinical intuition . They combine their experience with a variety of instruments - including his own hands - to help manage everything related to the fetal heartbeat and contractions , the size and angle of the baby. However, these traditional tools , as demonstrated by a recent study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, expose even experienced physicians high margins of error .

The doctors know this, so that at any sign of any complications during childbirth , many prefer to make an incision, rather to endanger the baby and the mother or face a lawsuit. "Definitely, currently there is an overuse of cesarean section , "says Dr. Gianfranco Nacci, head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Perrino Hospital in Brindisi , one of the major medical centers in the heel of the boot of Italy. "This situation affects not only Italy but all countries in the world , including, unfortunately, in developing countries, "explains Throughout the Western world, the number of cesarean sections performed has increased dramatically . Since the 1980s, the World Health Organization has insisted that all countries should limit cesarean procedures to no more than 15 percent of total births. United States , the rates have reached a national record 37 percent , according to a recent National Center for Health Statistics.

Today in Italy the number of babies born by Caesarean section has reached 38 percent. This figure is has doubled in 15 years. This does not necessarily mean increased the level of medical intervention in childbirth . The Perrino Hospital, where Nacci has helped bring babies into the world for 20 years, the use of cesarean sections has replaced the high-risk procedures and older - as the use of forceps or vacuum extraction to move a baby along the birth canal. "But they went too far," Nacci said. "We have reached cesarean rates that have no clinical justification. " To complicate matters, doctors say that patients' expectations regarding the timing of natural childbirth have changed. "In the past, mothers were more likely to wait and work longer hours delivery " , says Laura Bruno, an obstetrician who works with Dr. Nacci at the Hospital of Brindisi. "But now, some women come to the hospital awaiting a caesarean section. However, Sergio Casciaro, expectations are not mothers, but the desire of doctors get home for dinner that influences the final result.

In addition, says Casciaro, in most Italian regions, hospitals can charge double rates for cesarean section, which tips the scales continuously compared with vaginal delivery. "What I want to provide both physicians and mothers is the ability to have a tangible, solid , to show who made ​​the best decision at that stage, "said Casciaro. Although the sections can indeed save the lives of mothers and infants, the intervention also leads to a longer recovery for the mother and the possibility of side effects. "Right now everything is subjective" , continues Casciaro, who thinks the discretion of doctors do not always safeguard mothers during childbirth. However, AMOLAB may also have a benefit for physicians, which is the provision of information to protect them from unfair trials. AMOLAB team has registered his invention at an international patent and is now in talks with private investors to finance the jump the commercial market.

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Parental cancer can define the type of breast cancer

The risk of breast cancer may be increased due to genetic and other factors related to lifestyle, such as gene BRCA2, age of first child or the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Now, n new study published in BioMed Central has analyzed the relationship between women with breast cancer and diagnosis of cancer in their parents. The results show that the chances of women with lobular breast cancer has been a parent with cancer (especially prostate cancer) is nearly double that of women with other forms of breast cancer .

A team of researchers from the University of Lund (Sweden) examined data from women diagnosed with breast cancer between 1980 and 2008. About 40% of them had invasive ductal breast cancer and 8% lobular cancer. At the time of diagnosis, 15% had a parent with cancer and 21% a mother diagnosed with cancer.

Once the data were adjusted for age, use of hormone replacement therapy, the number of children and other known genetic factors, such as having a mother with breast cancer, women who had a parent with cancer almost doubled the risk of developing lobular breast cancer, compared with other types of breast cancer.

Hormonal factor

Since breast cancer is an important hormonal component (in this study 63% of women had lobular cancer with estrogen-receptor positive), one might assume that the parental cancer may be important. However, the increased risk of lobular breast cancer associated with having a parent with cancer was independent of estrogen receptor and progesterone receptor status. Prostate cancer is also related to hormones, but the relationship remained even after removing the group of parents with prostate cancer.

The author of the work, Ellberg Carolina, said if you look at the grandparents and other relatives, "the greatest risk of lobular cancer was directly related to having a parent with cancer. This does not necessarily mean that the daughter of a man diagnosed with cancer is more likely to develop lobular breast cancer, but if you develop breast cancer are more likely to be lobular . "

Endometriosis affects 200 million women worldwide

Endometriosis is the second most important gynecological disease and have between 7 and 15% of all women of reproductive life. 200 million women currently living with her ​​in the world, so the gynecologist said Victor Ruiz Velasco, director of the Center for the Study of Fertility Santa Monica Hospital. In referring to Dr. Victor Ruiz condition Velasco, author of " Endometriosis, "said that in recent years has quadrupled the number of cases: only in 2002 in the United States, endometriosis-related expenses amounted to 22 billion dollars, 63% higher than for women without it condition, so that the disease represents an enormous cost worldwide.

However, he said that for many years no attention was paid to warranted despite its high incidence, cause for multiple queries and cause large numbers of mutilating operations . Today there is a greater concern for the care of the condition and early detection and timely offers a better quality of life for the patient, in addition to that there are several drug alternatives such as GRH analogs (hormone therapy) and surgical treatments . Finally, Dr. Victor Ruiz Velasco said that he must struggle to make an early diagnosis of endometriosis, a disease which although not curable, if possible, stop your progress and prevent infertility and improve the quality of life women in the workplace, sexual and social.

HPV vaccine recommended for preteens

Parents always try to plan in all respects to his sons, from healthy eating to safe activities. There is something you can easily plan and can be a big benefit or to save the life: the administration of the vaccine against human papilloma virus (HPV), the main cause of cervical cancer in women. "All years about 12,000 new cases diagnosed of cervical cancer in the United States, "said Dr. Melinda Wharton, deputy director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). "And every year about 4,000 women die from cervical cancer in the United States. Vaccinated against HPV greatly reduces the likelihood that girls today face this devastating disease ever." CDC recommends the HPV vaccine for girls 11 to 12 years of age and for young people 13 to 26 who have not been vaccinated.

Types of vaccines There are two vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, to protect women against HPV types cause most cervical cancers. Gardasil also protects against HPV types that cause most genital warts. The boys and young men can also get the Gardasil vaccine to prevent genital warts. The administration of the vaccine is recommended for them at the same age than women. Both HPV vaccines are given in three doses (shots) over a period of six months, and to be immunized is required to have all three doses. "It's very important to complete the series of three doses of HPV vaccine to ensure protection against HPV-related diseases," said Dr. Wharton.

Benefits of vaccinating adolescents vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus may seem unnecessary to 11 or 12 years old, but these ages are the best. "The HPV vaccine only offers protection if given before exposure to HPV," said Dr. Wharton. "A person can be infected with HPV from the first time you have sexual contact with another." To get the maximum benefit of the HPV vaccine, three doses must be received before the person starts having any sexual activity. What parents say Amber Zirkle, an Atlanta resident mother, recognizes the importance of vaccinating their children now, so you have protection in the future. Her daughter, 11 years of age receive the HPV vaccine in their routine medical consultation. As for his son 16 years, Amber said she "did not know that the vaccine was available for men. Shall consult with the pediatrician." "I want my child to have to face a problem of genital warts," he said.

Will the pill make you gain weight? Totally false

Two months ago I started taking the pill. I acknowledge that I knew nothing about his virtues, but had heard the legend that those who gain weight are always taken. My gynecologist and my nutritionist told me that was not necessarily true, that women had lost weight and others who put on weight when they began to use this contraceptive method, but it was not a standard and that this had to do directly with taking the pill. After two months of treatment, my weight has remained stable, and I must say that even I went through the season dinners, toasts and celebrations decembrinas.

Honestly, the concern to gain a few pounds or 'puffy' and was gone, but after reading the results of a recent study that ends the myth of the birth control pill and weight gain, I feel even more relaxed. And is that according to explain scientists at the University of Oregon Health and Science, contraceptive drugs do not cause women to gain weight . The origin of the myth Many women refuse to take the pill, or stop your treatment to seek another contraceptive option- , arguing that this makes them gain weight. But they have proven themselves or someone else they have been told? According to the study published in the journal Human Reproduction , the recorded weight gain some women who are under the care of the contraceptive pill can be due to metabolic changes that normally occur over the years. But what happens is that many women prefer to blame the drug, rather than take responsibility for an active lifestyle and a balanced diet.

Details of the study The study was conducted over a period of one year with a group of macaque monkeys. According to the scientists, these animals have a reproductive system almost identical to humans. The animals were divided into two groups: half were obese and half were normal weight. Both groups received an oral contraceptive treatment for eight months, and during all this time kept a record of your weight, food consumption and physical activity. The normal weight group continued to maintain a stable weight, but the group of obese animals lost a significant amount of weight (8.5%) and fat percentage (12%) due to an increase in basal metabolic rate (the daily energy expenditure). The scientists did not observe changes in food intake, activity or muscle mass in either group.

The pill may help you take care line until now, there was no study had shown that the pill fat. That's why Dr. Judy Cameron, an expert in obstetrics and gynecology, decided to research the topic. The great discovery: not only the pill causes weight gain, but may help overweight women to lose a few pounds .  How? "Women with more weight to maintain a stable diet could see a weight loss pill use," says study leader. Like other medicines, birth control pills can have side effects. It is therefore important not to self-prescription and go to your gynecologist to talk to him about the contraceptive method that suits you and to keep track of your hormone levels and your sexual and reproductive health. In the same way , eating a balanced diet and exercise are key to stay healthy and maintain your weight. So do not blame the pill and go to work in earnest.

Oral sex increases neck cancers

It was news that the global incidence of cervical cancer is declining, largely because fewer people smoke (the snuff and alcohol are the major traditional risk factors), but now there is a rise in the incidence of some cancers of the neck among Americans for oral sex, according to the Faculty of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. The alarming thing is that it is targeting older people, but are cases in middle-aged and younger. The reason some experts say has to do with the increased popularity of oral sex in the last decades.

Oral sex and cancer human papilloma virus (HPV) is an important cause of these cancers, and that HPV can be transmitted through oral sex. A 2007 study found that young people with head and neck cancers who tested positive for oral HPV infection were more likely to have multiple oral and vaginal sex partners over their lifetime. It was the conclusion that having six or more oral sex partners in life increased the risk 3.4 times higher oropharyngeal cancer, ie cancer of the base of the tongue in the back of the throat or tonsils. Having 26 or more vaginal sex partners tripled the risk. Moreover, as cancers of the tonsils and base of the tongue have increased every year since 1973, suggests that the widespread practice of oral sex among teens may be a contributing factor in this increase. Another Swedish study in 2010 suggested that the increase in oropharyngeal squamous cell cancer in several countries is a slow epidemic caused by HPV infection. According to experts explain, HPV tends to remain in first place entering the body , so it has been affected the mouth and throat.

More oral sex now in 1992 showed that about three quarters of men aged 20 to 39 years and about 70 percent of women age 18 to 59 made and received oral sex in 2002, nearly 90 percent of men and 88 percent of women 25 to 44 reported having oral sex with a partner of the opposite sex, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Disease Prevention (CDC). UU. HPV and cancer of the only good news is that cervical cancers associated with HPV are more treatable than those due to smoking or drinking, although the former tend to be diagnosed at a later stage. You can use less intensive radiation and about 85 percent of nonsmokers and positive HPV survive suffer. After this is important there is a vaccine redordar relatively new to prevent HPV infection. It will not help those already infected, but it might help those who are not yet infected.

Sex after a heart attack

Many people are afraid to resume an active sex life after suffering a heart attack for fear of experiencing another episode. But studies prove that this perception is wrong and that sexual activity can benefit heart attack survivors . People can have sex after recovering from a heart attack, even be considered a form of exercise that not only benefits but also the physical status the patient's mental. Of course, caution should be exercised. "Before testing in the room, should be tested on the pavement," says Dr. Gerald W. Neuberg, a cardiologist at New York Presbyterian

Hospital in reference to the patient should start doing some light physical activity - like walking - before holding sex . "Sex is physical therapy and, like any other physical activity, benefits the heart improving circulation, metabolism and reduces the risk of heart disease, "said the doctor, who said that also helps improve depression and anxiety in some patients. In 1996, scientists from Harvard University studied 800 heart attack survivors and concluded that the chances of having another attack while having sex are two in a million.

The study also found that people who exercise are less likely to suffer another attack. After a heart attack a person must make significant changes to your lifestyle. The sedentary should incorporate exercise into your daily routine, improve their diets and discard bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking. Exercise, and sex, help strengthen the heart, burn calories and build endurance.

Dreaming helps heal painful memories

Dreaming may be the best way to heal old wounds. This according to a new study published by the University of California at Berkeley and published in Current Biology , which indicates that spending time dreaming while you sleep may help to overcome the painful memories.

According will report Science Daily , researchers found that during the period of sleep known as REM, the chemistry of stress off, the brain processes emotional experiences and copes difficult memories. It also states that "The stage of sleep, based on its unique composition of neurochemicals, provides a form of therapy during the night, a balm that eliminates the sharp corners of the emotional experiences of the previous day." During this time also which usually lasts up to 20% of the hours of sleep a healthy human being, memories are being reactivated, are put into perspective, connect and integrate , but in a state where the neurochemical stress are beneficially suppressed. For its part, People with PTSD may not effectively take advantage of therapy at night and not reach the state of REM properly. For this reason, when sleep the memories return and fail to separate the pain of memory.

Hiper sex: the oppression of living in a permanent climax

The friction of tight trousers, a crossing of legs, buttocks contact with the chair is enough to take them to a state of intense excitement, prolonged, uncontrolled. The clitoris, vagina and perineum begin to throb with such force that makes you sweat and disturbed. Suffer from the syndrome called Persistent Excitation (PGAD for its acronym in English). A state can not prevent and, if not always reach orgasm when it occurs the situation becomes unbearable. For "do not enjoy, so some make the comparison with the term nymphomania is not supported by clinical data," says James Pfaus, a member of the Department of Psychology, Concordia University (Canada).

In fact, experts insist that it is a very annoying and even painful. "They do not seek sex for sex, but prefer the feel of the post orgasmic because it induces the exit compression of the blood of the genitals and relieved," says Pfaus. So Michelle Thompson did nothing but have sex with her ​​boyfriend . "Up to ten times a day" to try to appease their ardor. The case rose to the tabloids because they said up to 300 orgasms a day that caused problems at work, as he had to leave his job in a biscuit factory because the noise of the machines caused her orgasms. How many? Although only described in the female, if I had to seek some kind of correspondence with the men, "would rather priapism, ie spontaneous erections that can extend and be unpleasant and painful." PGAD The complexity makes it difficult to get figures on its incidence. Francisco Cabello, director of the Andalusian Institute of Sexology and Psychology and Honorary President of the Spanish Federation of Sociology and Sexology, argues that "an American author, Sandra Leiblum, launched a magnified box in an investigation in which he spoke of 18,000 patients United States, but the reliability is relative because I play as the symptoms. "

Hair adds that "in 26 years I've only seen professional four cases." Just Leiblum, who died recently, was the first researcher to describe the criteria for a diagnosis. Read the aforementioned involuntary excitement over a long period of time (hours, days or months), which in turn may be accompanied by one or more orgasms and not related to a feeling of desire. James Pfaus clarifies that "clinically, there seems little distinction between actually affected by this syndrome and those without. Obviously one of them is that often masturbate to relax your state. " As I happened to Johanna. This woman, which already exceeds the barrier of 50, went to a specialist web PGAD ( where those affected can be released and count and contrast their daily experiences. In this way he could explain how sex life captured. "The cases I masturbated could count on the fingers of one hand. But within three months I went from being a woman is not sexually active too someone who could not seem to think of anything but sex. I felt I was about to cum at any time. I needed to run it without any reason and at odd moments. "

High temperatures can shorten pregnancy

The study, led by Dr. Payam Dadvand, we measured the short-term impact of maternal exposure to environmental extremes during pregnancy in a sample of 7585 births that occurred during the period 2001-2005 in Barcelona. They used national data on the heat and daily temperature for the period 1983-2006, using three indicators of conditions of extreme heat exposure based on the unusual heat and high humidity. Thus, quantified the change in duration of pregnancy after maternal exposure to extreme heat.

Thus, the results show that maternal exposure to extreme heat can have an immediate effect on the duration of pregnancy, and that these extreme temperatures are associated with a reduction in mean gestational age of the children. Previous studies have pointed to increased vulnerability of pregnant women to heat, relating these extreme conditions with the induction of uterine contractions, increased secretion of hormones related to childbirth (oxytocin
and prostaglandins) and an increase in levels of heat shock protein 70 associated with preterm birth.

Heat stress is a function of the interaction of internal heat production, the capacity of the heat loss to the environment and environmental heat load. During pregnancy, increased fat deposition and internal heat production due to fetal growth and metabolism.

Dadvand has acknowledged, although further studies are needed to confirm these results in different contexts, an episode of unusual warmth the day before delivery is associated with a reduction of average day of pregnancy. He adds told the News and Information Service Science (SINC), these data could achieve a reduction of five days to more extreme values.

In fact, weather forecasts and taking into account that a reduction of up to one week in duration of pregnancy has been associated with adverse health outcomes of newborns, the authors argue that future studies should consider these factors to inform public health interventions appropriate to the subject.

Does chicken soup fights colds?

In the twelfth century, physicist and philosopher Maimónidesya recommended the chicken broth as the common cold treatment . Researchers at the Medical Center of the University of Nebraska (USA) have recently shown that he was right.

The scientific rationale is that e l chicken broth makes the movement of immune cells called neutrophils , who come to the infected sites and release enzymes that not only destroy viruses and bacteria, but also promote the release of mucus and attack body's own cells, causing inflammation of the tissues.

Thus, the chicken soup reduce the annoying symptoms of colds, reducing inflammation of the throat and nasal mucous, without thereby decrease the antiviral activity of our immune system. What then is the recipe for this food nicknamed "Grandma's Penicillin" ?

According to the authors of the study published in the journal Chest , carry chicken, onions, potatoes, carrots, turnips, parsley, salt and pepper. And the ingredients should be cooked for at least an hour. Another recent Japanese study has shown that chicken soup helps reduce blood pressure .

What is the fart that appears when you run?

Doctors call it transient abdominal pain (DAT) associated with exercise , although colloquially known as flatus. Sufferers describe it as a " sharp, stabbing pain located in the abdominal area , usually lateral, associated with performing repetitive movements of the torso. "Its causes are unknown for now. One of the possible explanations is that experts shuffled excessive rigidity and hypertonia that some athletes may occur in the muscles that stabilize the spine generate a sharp pain under the diaphragm . Others attribute it to not get enough blood (and, therefore, enough oxygen) to the diaphragm, the main muscle breathing, leading to muscle fatigue.

Where I do seem to agree all the experts, as recorded by an article recently published in the Journal of Sports Medicine Andalusian, is that the intake of liquids or solids before or during practice Sport influences these episodes . Recent studies indicate that hypertonic drinks with high sugar concentrations are those that most likely to cause flatulence, because they make the emptying of the stomach is much slower.

Experts recommend avoidance of intake 1 or 2 hours before the practice of physical exercise and avoid carbohydrate-rich beverages such as juices. For sports where flatus occurs more frequently, a recent study showed that swimming was the sport in which there more episodes (75%) , followed by race (69%), horse (62%), aerobic practices (52%), basketball (47%) and cycling (32%).

What is the MCT8 defect?

It is a disease that only affects children and is caused by an alteration in a gene on chromosome X. This condition leads to neurological abnormalities, resulting in minor delays in the development of intelligence , stiff muscles, and so on.
The first time this disease was described in the early 40's and was known as Allan-Herndon Syndrome, Dudley , as its discoverers mention William Allan, Florence C. Dudley and C. Nash Herndon. Later, in 2004, seven years ago, they knew what it produced: a deficiency in a transporter of thyroid hormone , MCT8 transporter, which made ​​these substances did not reach the brain in neuronal development of the child.

It is a disease that only affects boys because it is an altered gene on chromosome X. This means that mothers, although carriers, never develop the disease but can pass the defective gene to their offspring male with a probability of 50 percent.

Recently a group of researchers led by Dr. Juan Bernal, the Biomedical Research Institute Alberto Sols and the Biomedical Research Centre Network for Rare Diseases , has gone a step further to learn more about the disease. According to their study, the hormone deficiency is that the same can not cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB) ​​or whatever it is, the barrier that protects the brain from harmful substances. And this defect is due to the specific carrier of the same, the MCT8. But research has also shown that this defect results in an alteration of thyroid hormones T4 and T3 which has led them to create clinical guidelines for diagnosing these cases in young children.

The eyes are large blooming love

For a candlelight dinner, suffused with light and sound in the background are the perfect opportunity to bring out a love? It 'just a matter of atmosphere or is there something else? According to a study at Stony Brook University in New York published in Social Cognitive Affective.

Neuroscience intimacy and darkness play an important role that goes beyond romance and has deep roots in the neurophysiological development of empathy and attraction love: mutual eye contact that occurs between two lovers in these conditions is in fact enhanced pupillary dilation from each other because that increases sexual excitement and little light that lets you see just the face of the other / herself or his table, while everything else remains distant, blurred in the twilight. And the eyes of the beloved / to seem better than ever, as the women knew of the '500 that, to be more attractive, used eye drops of belladonna, a name that speaks volumes about the effect that causes a dilated pupil .

Pupillary dilatation - If we take the same photo of a woman only to the computer and change the diameter of her pupils will become a more attractive if the picture is exactly the same. The pupillary dilation, however, is not simply the external manifestation of an internal process more complex: American researchers have in fact evaluated with fMRI what happens in the brains of two lovers and have found that activate brain areas involved in the mechanisms of compensation (area ventral tegmental area, dorsal striatum), maternal attachment and friendship (globus pallidus), sexual (posterior hypothalamus) as well as the substantia nigra, raphe nucleus, thalamus, insular cortex and anterior cingulate and back and all have common pleasure hormone, dopamine. Guardacaso the same neurotransmitter that dilates the pupils ...

MEN AND WOMEN - A study a few years ago the University of Toronto said that this is especially true for males, while women would be attracted mainly by men with eyes of medium width. Their attention to men, however, changes depending on the ovulatory period in which they are located. Another Norwegian study showed that the University of Tromso in the face of stimuli that have some sexual significance of a woman pupil size increases significantly only in the fertile phase of the cycle and especially in the face image of the beloved, but that does not happens if you use the pill. At the first appointment, therefore, it might be useful to bring a pupillometer to control the interest that we have raised. But beware that it is not a nearsighted person, because his eyes may deceive you, because they are naturally dilated.

The Spanish researchers focused on finding a vaccine and anti-HIV drugs

Since in 1981 in the U.S. identified the first cases of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( AIDS ), about 30 million people worldwide have died from causes linked to this disease, for which there is still no cure although hopes in a future vaccine and new drugs.

On 1 December is World AIDS Day, which in Spain has affected and affects about 80,000 people, and that is the agent responsible for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

As treatment has not cured and have in some cases serious side effects , many scientists, also Spanish, trying to come up with preventive and therapeutic vaccine or new pills definitely less aggressive.

This is the case of the research team of Mariano Esteban, National Center for Biotechnology (National Research Council), introduced last September that the positive results of a prototype HIV vaccine "more powerful" than developed so far.

Search for new drugs

In addition to the vaccine, Spain participated in the search for drugs with fewer side effects. Last year an international team of scientists, with Spanish participation, designed a new drug can effectively block the entry of the AIDS virus in cells that infect you.

It is based on the derivative of a small protein that the body itself produces, probably to defend against other viruses. After identifying the aforementioned blood protein synthesized by introducing some modifications (VIR-576), scientists found that prevented HIV injects its own genetic content through the cell membrane.

The researchers asked the European Commission funding to continue research into new drugs and is to enter and infect the cell, HIV needs to enter the membrane through the end of one of its surface proteins, called gp41. What makes the protein (VIR-576) is attached to the end of gp41, preventing it from contacting the cell membrane.

To infect, the virus has to drive a sort of harpoon into the cell and what makes this drug is to wrap the tip of the harpoon, thereby preventing it from entering and infecting the cell.

Guillermo Gimenez, Biological Research Center, has reported that now it is looking for a compound to improve what has been discovered so far, making it "chemically smaller." This is achieved by simplifying their synthesis, to be more soluble in water, lower your costs and make it more suitable for administration in developing countries.

Today, as Gimenez, most patients are treated with a combination of three antiretroviral drugs , and they come to act within the cell, so that side effects are greater, hence the importance of this new drug.

To accelerate its improvement the researchers asked the European Commission funding in a call that is not yet resolved, confirmed Giménez.

A book that offers help to those who have to care for Alzheimer patients

Since November, the National Month to raise awareness about Alzheimer's , it is important to note for the U.S., providing care to the patients of this disease involves a great challenge. Eric Pfeiffer, MD, is an authority on this matter, recognized internationally. Throughout his career of 30 years, has seen over 5000 patients with Alzheimer's and their caregivers. He is founder Eric Pfeiffer Suncoast Center at the University of South Florida. In his new book, ' The Art of Caregiving in Alzheimer's Disease ', speaks to the millions of people who have to care for someone with this disease.

"Even if you've raised children, taught school, supervised employees, or have taken responsibility by others, become a caregiver of someone with Alzheimer's will be a great challenge, "says Pfeiffer. " But it is more complicated, there are positive things about this becoming a caregiver , "says Pfeiffer. " When you're a caregiver, you're engaging in a rewarding activity for the giving, as it is in a way that one can grow and connect with people you love.

In many ways, caregivers of Alzheimer's patient are modern heroes of our world. " Pfeiffer In the book you will find topics such as: helping to understand, diagnose and treat this disease that has no comparison, the three most important things you need to do caregivers (joining a support group share the burden of care with at least one other person, and focus on their own welfare), the rewards of caring for someone with this disease and how to care for a loved one in different stages of their disease, what caregivers can do avoid exhaustion and live his own life, how to deal with the death of a loved one. "I am the only child of a mother who is moving into the later stages of Alzheimer's.

This world is hard to understand unless you're in the middle of it. But Dr. Pfeiffer has given us not only a glimpse into that world in his book, but we have taken in hand and has given us a step by step guide to walk this path, with courage and armed with information, "says Gayle Sierens, news anchor of NBC-TV in Tampa Florida

Fluorescent spray created to help cancer detection

A couple of months ago we told about an experiment with fluorescent cats help fight HIV . Now, the ability to absorb energy and then emitted as light could also help fight cancer . Scientists at the University of Tokyo, Japan, and the National Institutes of Health, United States, have created a spray that can illuminate the cancer cells, thus allowing surgeons to remove them to detect human body . As reported in BBC , this spray will be helpful in the operating room and help you locate even the most microscopic foci of tumors. How do I use this spray?

During surgery or endoscopy, physicians should apply spray that will cause in a matter of minutes 'illuminate' the cancer cells. The chemical reaction caused by this substance will display the microscopic cells are dispersed in the body, and that naked eye, would be impossible to locate. According to research published in the journal Science Translational Medicine and released by BBC World , this tool promises to be very useful for better detection of the disease. Thanks to the doctors fluorescent effect can confirm that during operation to remove cancer cells, there is not a tumor remaining in the body of their patients.

Friday, November 25, 2011

IQ can vary over the life

The intelligence quotient (IQ) , the standard that measures a person's intelligence, you can increase or decrease during adolescence, according to a study by University College London (UK) published in the journal Nature . This is the first study to suggest that this value is not constant throughout life . In a series of experiments conducted in 2004 adolescents aged between 12 and 16 years, researchers led by Cathy Price, analyzed using of magnetic resonance brain structures of the subjects as well as subjecting them to tests of intelligence .

When the tests repeated four years later, found that IQ has increased in some cases and in others decreased up to 20 points , and the changes coincided with changes in brain structure. Specifically, changes in verbal IQ were associated with changes in a brain area related to speech, the left motor cortex, while increases in non-verbal test scores is associated with increased gray matter density earlier in the cerebellum, which integrates sensory and motor information and participates in the movements. "We tend to advise children and decide the future course of their education when they are young, but just check that your intellect is still evolving and may even improve until much later, "say the authors of the research. They add that the study confirms that brain structure can change in adulthood, and IQ as well, because our brain is constantly adapting.

Why is marijuana "places"?

A team of Canadian researchers has sequenced the DNA of a strain of marijuana that is widely used for medicinal purposes. The research. The sequence published in Genome Biology aims to find the c HANGES in the genome that led to the production of drugs by the plant. This study is the first sequencing of the genome of a medicinal plant. The scientists compared the genome and transcriptome (active genes) of marijuana or  cannabis sativa with Finola hemp, looking for differences that might explain why marijuana produces acid tetrahydrocannabinol (THCA), the active ingredient in cannabis.

Explains Jon Page, co-author, "transcriptome analysis showed that THCA synthase, an enzyme essential in the production of THCA is activated in marijuana, but is disabled in other types of hemp." Dr. Hughes added that "the detailed analysis of the two genomes suggests that the cultivation of marijuana has caused the loss, in some strains, of said enzyme." Throughout history, marijuana has been exploited by humanity in many ways. As suggested in Genome Biology , has a dual personality: the "Dr. Jekyll", giving fiber to produce fabrics and hemp seed oil rich in omega 6 and "Mr Hyde" for its ability to alter the mind. This plant has been used medicinally for over 2,700 years.

Why do some people eat more fruit?

The preference for people with eating their fruit tart flavors that those who opt for sweet tastes, according to a study conducted in Poland, Greece, Spain and the Netherlands to be published in the journal British Food Journal . In addition, research shows that consumers have shown tart flavors give little importance to the comfort and have fruit consumption behaviors common to those who opt for sweet tastes.

According to scientists, the link between the preference for acidic and This routine behavior can be explained in terms of nutrition education. Dolors Guardia, a researcher at the Food Technology Program at the Institute for Research and Technology (IRTA) ensures explains that, for all we know, "consumers with a preference for more complex flavors such as hydrogen, are regular consumers of fruit from its infancy. " In fact, regular consumers of fruit are more open about trying to foods that are familiar and new textures. The research also highlights that there is some geographical distribution in terms of preference for sweet, sour and salty. In particular, the southern European consumers prefer savory while the Eastern European flavors are choosing acids.

Recurrent ejaculation improves sperm quality

The intra-cytoplasmic injection of sperm into the oocyte (ICSI) is an assisted reproduction technique that is increasingly being used more as a member of the couple has trouble conceiving through natural methods. In the case of the male, the ICSI technique may allow fertilization of the oocyte although sperm are scarce or have problems with motility. However, it is necessary to improve the quality of sperm DNA for optimal genetic development in the embryo. Some sperm can have their DNA fragmented, and their ratio tends to be higher in men with infertility.

If the sperm transmits fragmented DNA, this results in a risk of loss of the embryo. Now, a Spanish study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility has just revealed that if the man keeps premature withdrawal periods short, resulting in frequent ejaculations, reducing the proportion of sperm with fragmented DNA . So far in the centers of assisted reproduction was to reduce the presence of sperm with DNA fragmentation, recommending that men keep from 3 to 4 days of sexual abstinence before performing an insemination, but not clear that the measure esab rates improve of fertility.

Children born by cesarean section suffer more allergies

A study by the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) reveals that the lower the number of bacteria that live in our intestines during childhood, the greater the risk of allergies by becoming adults. That means that "babies born vaginally, and are therefore exposed to maternal rectal bacteria have a reduced risk of asthma and allergies than those born by cesarean section, who are exposed to less variety of microorganisms to born ", concludes Hans Bisgaard, a researcher at Copenhagen University and coauthor of the study. According to Bisgaard and colleagues, we must be in contact with a large number of different bacteria in the first months of life , when the immune system is developing and "learning." The researchers say it is ironic that the bacteria and dirt, considered a threat to our life now imposed as a key ingredient for a healthy life. In fact, previous studies suggest a connection between the intestinal flora and other diseases such as diabetes or obesity.

For your heart, best apple kiwi

Eat three kiwifruit a day may reduce the risk of developing hypertension, according to a study by researchers at University Hospital in Oslo (Norway) whose results were presented this week at the last meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA). In a study with 118 individuals of 55 years old and slightly high blood pressure, the researcher Mette Svendsen and his colleagues divided the patients into two groups, one that took three kiwis a day and another who ate an apple a day for eight weeks. The results showed that the group had taken kiwis had a systolic blood pressure 24 hours 3.6 mmHg lower than those subjects who had eaten an apple a day.   diastolic blood pressure was also lower in the first group, although association with the fruit was not so clear Researchers attribute the positive effects of this fruit of their content lutein , a substance with antioxidant properties. But they acknowledge that the association between intake of this food and lower blood pressure is still not clear enough, so opt for further studies before entering the kiwi as part of the meal plan for hypertension.

Drugs for acne, possible cause of pharyngitis

Taking antibiotics for the treatment of acne may be associated with symptoms of sore throat, according to a study published this week in the journal Archives of Dermatology ' . People who undergo drug therapy are more likely to have throat pain or irritation.

"The long-term use of these medications may change the balance of bacteria and this would facilitate the development of infections," argue the authors of the study, conducted at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA). For this reason, patients become more prone to respiratory tract infections.

What has always been associated with some antibiotics such as tetracycline, says Raul de Lucas, a dermatologist at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid, "is the appearance of esophagitis, which sometimes is a lot like clinical pharyngitis . " In general, these treatments "are recommended for periods of two to four months."

As underlined by the investigators, "doubts about the possible long-term effects of these medications come back, but still not very clear." Given the prevalence and frequent use of these drugs, "it is important to study the long-term effects to stronger conclusions."

David Margolis and his team conducted two studies to examine adolescents on the one hand, the association between treatment and pharyngitis and, secondly, the relationship between oral drugs used and the rate of colonization of streptococcus group A ( GAS), responsible for most cases of strep throat.

According to the results, 11.3% of students taking oral agents went to the doctor for a sore throat. However, youth who used topical (lotions), only 3.3% had such symptoms. In this subgroup, we found the streptococcus in a scant 1% of the participants so that relationship was established with pharyngitis.

Preliminary results

"Our study shows that strep is multiplied by three in patients receiving oral therapy compared to those using only topical," he says Margolis. However, "more research is needed to confirm these conclusions." For example, recognizes the principal investigator, "we should explore other bacteria causing the infection." Furthermore, "it would be interesting to understand the reason that antibiotics cause harm. It could be breaking the balance of bacteria in the throat, but also gastric mucosal disorders that cause stomach acids to rise and irritate the throat."

In this line says dermatologist Spanish, who asserts that "at present we can not draw accurate concluciones studies, since both pharyngitis and acne are two highly prevalent diseases in students and may be associated in a purely casual ". He adds: "It would take a greater volume of patients, ie, larger studies and double blind (versus placebo) to check the strength of this association."

If confirmed in future studies the relationship, "it would have to select patients more susceptible to suffer from sore throat and opt for other treatments such as oral retinoids (isotretinoin) and, in women, hormone therapy," says Specialist Hospital La Paz.

For now, Margolis notes, "our results do not indicate that people need to avoid oral medications to treat acne. First you have to investigate further and, on the other hand, one should evaluate in each case the relationship between risk and benefit. "

A condom? And 'manly choice

The more a man has a generous dose of testosterone, the more it will tend to live a life protected, protecting himself and his partner from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Exactly the opposite of what you might think, imagining the male hormone to less rational and more stars drawn by instinct.

STUDY - The University of Michigan researchers say they have observed the approach to child sexual abuse in the first year of college, between 18 and 20 years, noting that at a higher level of testosterone often means an approach to safer sex . The researchers, led dall'endocrinologaSari van Anders, interviewed a sample of 78 children from rich families and then, through saliva samples, they measured their levels of male hormone. And 'the result that those with high testosterone levels, even declare a higher frequency of reports (which in turn raises the level of the hormone), tended to use condoms with greater ease, without worrying too much about to reveal an excess of caution and proving impervious to the judgments of partners.

THE SOCIAL RISK OF CONDOMS - The reasons for the frequent lack of condom use are to be found in the fact his risk capital. Especially among teenagers can be no fear of seeming awkward or excessive insistence on choosing a protected relationship can arouse the suspicion that you have a sexual disease to hide. Basically, it's easier not to use it socially. But young men are sure of themselves, which are more familiar with sex and are less affected by the judgments of others, seem more willing to defy the standards and unreasonable to assume that risk. Testosterone, as pointed out by van Andrei, is thus linked to the audacity, just as it is always assumed in this particular context, and show courage in choosing their own, sometimes uncomfortable and counter, safe sex. It 'a kind of syllogism: the male hormone tends to be full of bold and daring in bed the male becomes less of a problem to use a condom. So all the male testosterone is not afraid to choose safe sex and to follow its rules. Not at all darkened hormone.

What are the causes of an earache?

With cold weather arriving colds including earache. "It is usually caused by viruses or, more frequently, bacteria. In these cases we speak of otitis, or inflammation of one of the parts of the ear (outer, middle, inner) - explains Eugenio Mira, a professor at the School of specialization in otolaryngology at the University of Pavia -. The ear pain, however, can also be caused by problems in nearby structures that, through the nervous system, they feel pain at this level. The typical example is dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint: the pain you feel when you open or close the mouth. Other times, the evil may be due to a disease of the throat to the reflection conducted by the glosso-pharyngeal nerve. This form, if it persists and affects only one ear, should never be underestimated, especially in smokers, because it could be the indicator of tumors in the larynx or pharynx. "
How do you distinguish the different forms of otitis?

"Looking at the ear with the otoscope. Otitis externa are redness and swelling in the ear canal: usually occur at sea, or pool, the stagnation of water in the pipe, which promotes the engraftment of germs. The symptoms are itching and pain, accentuated by pressure on the ear (sometimes hearing loss). Otitis media concerns the small cavity that lies behind the eardrum, which communicates with the outside through the eustachian tube, ear tube that connects the throat and can allow the passage of microbes. Often follows a cold: the inflammation spreads and affects the middle ear, causing swelling and consequent partial or complete closure of the Eustachian tube. Acute otitis media usually causes intense pain and throbbing, it gets worse when you lay down and when you blow your nose, and is associated with hearing loss, sometimes malaise, fever, nausea and vomiting. If there is perforation of the eardrum pain decreases and shows a secretion from the ear. The inner ear infections are more rare: pain is not always present, but is more common a feeling of muffled. "

How do you treat ear infections?

"It depends on the severity. If there is a large middle ear infection using antibiotics, often associated with steroids. Since the antibiotic did not immediately calm the pain, you can also add in the initial phase anti-inflammatory drugs or pain killers, especially in children (paracetamol). In mild forms of otitis is now necessary to resort to antibiotics. Often the episode, especially if it relates to the external auditory canal, tends to correct itself. However, to reduce pain and inflammation may be given anti-inflammatories and painkillers, better than in the mouth drops. The drops, antibiotic or antibiotic-steroid are given in otitis externa, but should be avoided in case of perforation of the eardrum. "

Dreams "wipe out" the bad memories

The time is the best treatment and also that elapsed between the arms of Morpheus, dreaming, has its therapeutic value and its purifying function. I have long argued the sleep experts and a recent study gives a complete and detailed empirical explanation.

STUDY - Experts from the University of California at Berkeley have conducted an experiment on a sample of 35 healthy volunteers : after showing them twice 150 images with high emotional impact of a distance interval of 12 hours (during the which half the sample had rested and half not) were analyzed with a scanning their brain activity. And 'the result that those who had reviewed the images after a period of sleep reacted less traumatic to the second view snapshots. In essence, the dreams of REM sleep (the one that processes related memory and unconscious), cleared the memory by painful memories, dispose of the chemicals related to stress, such as norepinephrine, and offers a spontaneous sort of therapy.

The amygdala - Through the scanner scientists have been observed in participants who had dreamed of a test and the other a significant reduction of the reactivity of the amygdala, the brain slice preparation of the deputy emotions. This has allowed the prefrontal cortex, responsible for the management of rationality, to return to lead the responses of volunteers, thus allowing them to scale the experience. In the case of the most traumatic memory but sometimes dreams of therapy does not work, because the memories are too strong and violent activities during the dream is relived the whole experience.

FREUD AND DREAMS - The beneficial effect of sleep need, and has long been known and in particular dream experience functions as a sort of key to the development of treatment and disposal of trauma memories, thanks to its theatrical representation of the value of reality. The interesting aspect of the research is, however, the dramatic difference between the volunteers subjected to the vision of the images after the break and those who have seen the snapshots in the morning and evening, without interposed between the two visions sleep and dreams. As stated by Associate Professor Matthew Walker intuition could be very useful in the treatment of mental illness and post-traumatic disorders. "In deep sleep the memories are reactivated - but says Els van der Helm (who led the study) - and are revived in new ways, put in perspective, integrated, but the precondition is the removal of chemicals of which heralds the stress, such as norepinephrine . A good sleep helps to see things from another perspective: the bad memories and it is better to evaporate. And 'exactly what has happened to the volunteers at Berkeley. It 'like seeing the reality for a second time, from a viewpoint more rational and less emotional.

Use cortisone, how can I fight the side effects?

Cortisone is a miracle drug, has saved countless lives and allows plenty of people to lead a normal life despite serious illness. In general, the more drugs are powerful and effective the more they are burdened by side effects and toxicity (typical example are the chemotherapy for cancer); cortisone is no exception to this rule. Mainly, it can cause fluid retention, weight gain and blood pressure, osteoporosis, diabetes, but may also be responsible for many other ailments including gastritis and ulcers, early onset of cataracts, glaucoma, muscle disorders, increased susceptibility to infections, thinning and shiny skin, mental health problems. Despite all this remains a very useful drug.

Over the years we have learned to manage it better : to prevent the harm to his stomach by combining its administration gastroprotective agents, control high blood sugar levels with insulin and oral antidiabetic drugs, monitor the risk of developing osteoporosis by bone density and the dose of vitamin in the blood D and calcium. If the preventive administration of vitamin D and calcium is not enough we can use other drugs (bisphosphonates) that compensate for the bone loss induced by corticosteroid therapy. The aim of the physician is always control the disease with the lowest possible dose of cortisone and effectively prevent its side effects. The considerations made ​​here apply especially when steroids are taken as tablets, intramuscularly or intravenously, is rather different discourse reserved for topical administration (for example through local cream) or oral or nasal aerosols.

Oral sprays and aerosols act locally on the bronchi , are very effective and their side effects on the rest of the body are very scarce: very recent studies report an increased risk only minimally for osteoporotic fractures. At appropriate doses can be used with confidence even in children. The risk of diabetes, fluid retention and weight gain with the local administration, by aerosol, is almost zero or almost. The most common complication that can occur is a candida infection of the oral-pharyngeal, the same thing in children is commonly called thrush. To prevent just rinse your mouth well after the antiseptic mouthwash or spray with a little 'water which is dissolved in a tablespoon of baking soda tip. Cortisone is a drug valuable and often irreplaceable, we must not see him as the devil is indeed a valuable aid, but must be handled with great care.

"Exercise improves the quality of the diet"

Eating well and being physically active is " essential for treating and preventing obesity . " So far, the relationship between the two was little known, but the study presented can "improve and enhance existing schemes approach and treatment of weight problems," says in a statement to Plataforma SINC the researcher from Harvard University, Miguel Alonso Alonso, coordinator of a work published in Obesity Reviews .

The survey data yield the conclusion that "the tendency to follow a healthy diet and to make adequate amounts of exercise often coexist in the same individual." This occurs because the exercise "increases sensitivity to physiological signals of satiety, which influences a better appetite control." In addition, sports also "modifies the hedonic responses to food stimuli."

Diet quality

The publication shows that "if an increase in physical activity, this is usually related to an obvious improvement of the quality of the diet and a noticeable weight loss." Therefore, and in attempts to reduce the rate of childhood obesity, the study authors call "encourage and facilitate physical activity in the general population, both in education and in the urban environment or in daily life."

Diet and exercise well performed promote better brain health. The second in particular, " improves performance on state tests that measure executive functions and increases the amount of gray matter and prefrontal areas connections , "says Alonso. One of the most important brain functions is inhibitory control, whose function is to suppress inappropriate responses. This is used to reject over-eat when we want to lose weight.

The home delivery has more risk

Give birth at home or in hospital? The dilemma of pregnancy it should be less for new mothers. A recent study says that women who give birth for the first time and do it at home are nearly three times more likely to suffer complications if they go to a hospital. The baby born at home are more likely to suffer from lack of oxygen in the delivery According to the study, conducted at the University of Oxford , babies born at home are 2.8 times more likely to suffer from anxiety problems or lack of oxygen during birth. These risks may reach the fetus result in death , death in the first week, brain injuries, fractures and faeces in the lungs. The serious problems of this type are rare and occur only 3.5 times per 1,000 births in an obstetric unit of any hospital. However, the study reveals that the figure rises to 9.5 per 1,000 babies if the mother chooses a home birth.

No differences in low-risk pregnancies

The work points out the risks for mothers, clarifies, however, that in low-risk deliveries there is little difference between giving birth in hospitals or at home with the help of a midwife. The work, led by Peter Brocklehurst, director of the Institute Health of Women in the University College Hospital in London, and published in the British Medical Journal , was made ​​on the basis of 65,000 births classified as low risk. "I would never say that a woman should give birth in a place particular, but I hope this will give women more information to make an appropriate decision , "said Brocklehurst.

Starting the day with an egg will keep you awake

As the day progresses we will quedandos without power, but to avoid the afternoon we will be heavy, it is best to start your day with breakfast an egg. Health experts say the protein in this food are much more effective than carbohydrates found in chocolate or sugary products, which often seek to fill us with energy. Researchers at Cambridge University looked at how the nutrients affect the brain cells and found that a mixture similar to the egg-containing protein activates these cells, promoting the release of the stimulant called orexin, which helps us feel energized. So you know, however tempting it is to start the day with a muffin and a coffee frappe, try to start the day with a meal that really help you survive the day. In addition, you will be saving a lot of calories.

Yoga instructor 91 year old breaks record

If you've ever wondered about what the benefits of yoga, just to see Bernice Bates , a woman aged 91 who has just broken a world record for being the oldest Yoga instructor in the world. Surprisingly, Bernie, as his students call it, is almost as flexible as it was when he was 40 and has no single health problem. For 50 years, Bernie has been a teacher of yoga. Last Thursday, the woman who lives in St. Petersburg, Fla., set a new Guinness World Record, but she is quite modest about their abilities. "I'm sure there must be a type of 100 years in India who can beat me," Bates told HuffPost Weird News .

Bates says he has been practicing yoga since 1960, and that while his achievement is special, we must give credit also to the "kids" who gives classes once a week, which are nothing but a group of sixties who follow in their footsteps. "I think it's a team effort," she said. "If these guys had not have done it." Many times I have heard about the benefits of yoga, but never practiced this discipline, but until two weeks ago I started taking classes. I am slowly discovering how flexible and strong that they can become every muscle in my body, and also as an example I have a teacher who happens to be walking around 50 years. She looks strong and healthy, and I trust that if I keep practicing yoga with discipline I expect the same future. My teacher, Bernie Bates and all adults who practice yoga are certainly a source of inspiration. Do not you think?

Warts on the neck, a hint to help you lose weight

Just attend a patient who wanted to lose weight. When you started talking I noticed he had a wart on his neck, interrupted: - Do you have anxiety in the afternoon? - "Yes, I have Fat Brain," responded quickly realized that while I knew it. The warts on the neck (tag) are not caused by HPV . Although not dangerous, these warts are track I needed to find out why yet feedlots eat much.

WHAT IS THE CAUSE OF THE SKIN Warts? addition to participating in sugar metabolism, insulin is responsible for promoting growth. That is, by adding a few drops of insulin, everything begins to multiply.

CONSEQUENCES BECAUSE overgrowth OF INSULIN • Acanthosis nigricans: dark coloration on the neck and armpits by thickening of the skin. • Lunar ruby red small circles skin growth of the arteries • acrochordon: warts on the skin • Endometrial polyps, endometrial thickening • Melasma: dark coloration on the face • senile Halo: blue circle around the eye • fibroids: uterine muscle growth treatment of warts Birth control pills can make them worse because they increase insulin. Because skin warts are more common in people with polycystic ovaries is recommended to avoid some medications such as Postinor, glucosamine, pills and Fruit Chinese plant. left the office I promised the patient a few days their warts in the neck cease to grow and never have problems getting pregnant. The verruguitas fell dark spots alone and cleared. The breakfast , exercise, sleep and foods rich in protein are essential to improve insulin resistance.

Being grateful helps fight stress

Although it seems quite obvious that gratitude is a positive emotion, for decades, psychologists almost never discussed the implications of the phenomenon of giving thanks. But in recent years have done so, and many experiments have allowed them to learn which is one of the most powerful emotions of humanity.

It makes you feel thankful happier and can change own attitude to life, like a button to restart the emotions. Especially in difficult times like these. Beyond to show that being grateful is helping those psychologists also try to elucidate the chemical processes that gratitude produced in the brain and the best ways to prove it. Michael McCullough, a psychology professor at the University of Miami who has studied the people who are asked to regularly give thanks, said that "when you stop to count the blessings you have received, like you're abducting your emotional system." kidnap and refers to a state of depression for placement in a good site.

A very good site. Research by McCullough and others found that giving thanks is a powerful emotion that feeds on itself, almost the equivalent of being victorious. It could be called a virtuous circle. He said that psychologists often underestimate the power of simple gratitude. "If it is more happy people ... is this incredible feeling." One of the reasons why gratitude works so well is that connects us with others, said McCullough. That's why, when you give thanks, to be in a more personal and profound, rather than a simple note of thanks for a gift or a quick thanks before taking food, psychologists say. Troianim Maryann, a psychologist in the area of Chicago and author of self help books, said he is slowly introducing its customers to gratitude, sometimes simply by limiting their complaints to two per session. In the long ago to write the good things that have happened in a kind of "gratitude journals."

"To be grateful really changes your attitude and your outlook on life," he said. Grateful people "feel more alert, alive, interested, excited. It also feels more connected to others, " said Robert Emmons, a psychology professor at the University of California, Davis campus, who has written two books on the science of gratitude, and who often studies the effects of such gratitude journals.

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