Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Only smoking!

A decade smoking, which equals 43.554 cigarettes, at 12 per day, with a variable two years without smoking, telling the teenage rage curve adorned endless outlets and nerves to face the world.

I have over 48 hours without inhaling and exhaling the smoke. I have several copies on hand about the benefits of quitting. Two days after prevent nicotine, it is assumed that my blood pressure has decreased, my pulse is lower and the temperature of the blood in my hands and feet increased.

My oxygen levels are at even that of a nonsmoker.

Ok, I told the doctor. Here you go, my bag and pulled out two packs of cigarettes and two lighters. He convinced me to quit. To me it means that when you get to a meeting to be alone, I can not talk to my friend the Marlboro cowboy. I will miss him, he so handsome ... not tell with advice when you are about to enter a customer visit. I'll send it to fly out of airports, as a jealous boyfriend, where fume gray beings as if they were about to end the world. I will not have to run out of bars, meals or "smoke-free buildings," which now are all so platicarle of my troubles.

Today I learned to glory divorced eggs I had for breakfast. My palate has come to life. Coming soon are expected to climb stairs bofee not, that nicotine disappears, breathe better because almost almost hoarse cremitas I can use my hands tangerine flavor without stink to snuff.

My teeth are like Jaime Camil, my skin and my hair shiny and I predict will be eternal happiness and so on. Oh, and I will not have wrinkles around the eyes. This is wonderful. What creams, my ass! Even lungs I have dark gray, but strangely I have no anxiety. If I was half the disastrous first day, but that's it. I'm not fat, no need.

To not die trying, I suggest, if you are willing, the following tips. I know there are thousands in Google, but they serve me:

  1. Buy straws, cut strips of celery or carrot for the time being in front of the computer.
  2. Have handy packages or pallets gum candy.
  3. Prepare several bottles of water with chlorophyll and / or extract jamaica.
  4. No going out to bars and not drink alcohol. Not a beer gentlemen, at least the first few weeks.
  5. Drinking coffee to be tested. This is to feel that you are the king or queen of the world survives because not smoking.
  6. Placing 40 pesos each day in an envelope and spend it on the weekend of your choice otherwise.
  7. Believe it. Ya. You do not smoke.
  8. An emergency number in case you feel absolute anxiety. I have not used but I want to see what it is that 1-800 have at our disposal the different levels of health of our beautiful and beloved Mexico.
  9. Some reserves cranberries, walnuts, cucumbers, jicama, sunflower seeds, fruit.
  10. Walking 30 minutes a day. If you go to your grocery store, buy water, Gatorade and look down on cigarettes. Watch them as enemy number one in his life.

Smile to life. No more having to buy those awful packs showing us stillbirths, gangrene in the foot, tumors in the mouth. They got tough, the marketing of my friends good cowboy. The truth is that I bought a couple of cigarette to avoid them.

Is that for real! A smokers have us cornered. Parents and doctors are the first. And did you know that you can blah blah blah? It's the worst. Yes, we know. And we smoked. Or as a friend said when asked Paul Auster: Why do you smoke?, Well because I like coughing. Missing more, I say.

We are a despicable group, with special places, like having a contagious and incurable. We smell awful the next day. The stark worsens, becomes more intense. Our home traps odors, like our clothes and reproach us for that.

We are in the sights of millions of campaigns.

And in the end, the truth is that the glamor of Maria Felix with his cigar not have the majority. It is very clear that at least I do not.

Mariana Gallardo

U.S. government expands list of diseases resulting from the 9/11

New York (AP). - As part of the commemorations of the attacks of September 11, 2001, the U.S. government added 50 types of cancer in the list of diseases related to the collapse of the World Trade Center, contained in Zadroga Act.

The authorities added 14 types of cancer to reach a list of 50, including respiratory and digestive system, as a result of substances and conditions to which people were exposed after the collapse of the Twin Towers.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health accepted the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Science and Technology to add certain types of cancer to the list of conditions covered for Health Program of the World Trade Center.

With the measure, rescuers and area residents suffering from lung cancer, leukemia and dozens of types of cancer can now receive federal aid.

The Zadroga Act, passed in December 2010, established a fund of four thousand 300 million dollars for the medical care of rescuers who responded to the emergency and care to residents of the city.

Experts in diseases related to September 11 indicated that at that time there was insufficient evidence linking the toxic smoke from the World Trade Center with the development of different types of cancer.

"Include these cancers reinforce what you already know, our heroes are sick and some are dying of cancer that developed from inhaling toxins from ground zero," said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, linked to the bill.

Let's talk about sex: Should teens have sex?

If you ask me that question directly, I would say no. Maybe I would understand better if I were to ask the following: Should a person do something if you can not responsibly accept the consequences? Do you have the right to bring a child into the world, without providing the necessary conditions for their development?

A teenager is not ready to have children. Not have the financial means to maintain it. It has the necessary maturity to be a father. Even her body is ready for this. However, most of our mothers are teenagers. What to do, how to face this fact so disturbing?

Prohibit, punish and threaten, is what many well-meaning parents have done for years. Would you have done some good? I think not. The rate remains very high, not only in our country. If you take that attitude, not only will fail in its purpose, but also will close the possibility of good communication with your daughter or son (though many still think that the children of teenage pregnancy are just women, of mothers).

What to do?

1.) Start by sexually educate yourself so we can do the same with their children. Read books, go to workshops, read this column, and so on.

2.)Talk about sex with their children naturally before. Insist that the school provide sex education. Not a little talk from time to time with a doctor or counselor, which are often very confused their own sexuality, or are full of taboos. Require a sexologist, review the objectives, the teaching method, etc.. Very expensive are some schools in this country, not to cover this important part of education, Especially in times of AIDS! I think this is irresponsible, we are playing with fire.

3.) Maintain excellent communication with them. Listen to them, respect them. Give them lots of love. Many teenagers go behind affection, not sex, to bed.

4.) The hardest part is what I recommend now: If nevertheless, your daughter or son says he wants to have sex, find a good method of contraception for both the female and for the male. In times of AIDS condoms is essential, but not enough to prevent pregnancy.
I know many people think I'm promoting sex. Not true. Also do not need quite so ago television, film, etc. What happens is that I worked for over ten years with teenagers, and I know that when they have sex on nothing and no one stops them, or AIDS has been unsuccessful. What to do, deny reality (what they have done for years parents, the Church, etc..)? Me of being childish, not facing such a problem?

Me of leaving our children alone and bewildered, in this very important aspect of their lives? To continue to act well, we would be so irresponsible (although I think more) as pregnant teens, and they get pregnant. They have the excuse of inexperience, confusion and lack of control. HAVE YOU SEEK TO EXCUSE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS?. I do not judge anyone, no parent wants something bad for their children ... Ultimately they are the ones who suffer the consequences of all this!

Dr. Nancy Alvarez
PhD in clinical psychology, with expertise in couples and family therapy sexology

Kids eat as much salt as adults and double their risk of hypertension

CHICAGO (AP) - American children eat the same amount of salt as adults, 1,000 milligrams in excess, ie the same amount that exists in only one Big Mac Extra salt is associated with increased blood pressure, even in children, but a government investigation in the United States points out that those who are overweight and obese may be most vulnerable to its effects.

The new findings by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English) were published Monday in the online version of the journal Pediatrics (Pediatrics). Previous studies have shown similar results in adults, but studies on salt, weight and blood pressure are rare in children.

The CDC researchers analyzed data on 6,200 children aged 8 to 18 who participated in national health surveys 2003-2008. Minors detailing asked twice for several days the foods they ate yesterday. The researchers estimated salt intake from their responses.

In total, 15% had high blood pressure called prehypertension or slightly elevated.

Those who ate more salt faced twice the risk of having high blood pressure, compared to those who ate less salty food. But among children obese or overweight, the risk tripled.

The recommended daily intake of salt or sodium for adults and children is no more than a tablespoon a day, or about 2,300 milligrams. On average, children in the study ate 3300 milligrams daily.

Quanhe Yang, a researcher at the CDC, said it is not clear why more weight children are more sensitive to salt, but may be due to hormonal changes related to obesity. The results raise concern because other studies have shown that elevated blood pressure in childhood, and even pre-hypertension, can lead to hypertension as adults and potentially premature heart disease.

Prehypertension and high blood pressure in people under 17 depend on the age, weight and gender.

In those over 18 years, levels between 120 over 80 and 140 over 90 is prehypertension, whereas 140 over 90 or higher is high blood pressure.

Masturbation in young people: A sure way to enjoy sex

Surrounded by guilt and rejection of many religions, masturbation remains the most popular among young people, and people without partners. Recommended at any age and in either sex, in spite of the bad reputation increasingly overcome, now more than ever we are recommending masturbation as a safe way to satisfy the sexual needs, and better sexual response in the future.

For many years we were told that this practice was associated with health problems, sexual dysfunction ... Today we know that the opposite is true.

In August 1999 in Hong Kong, held the World Congress of Sexology, called "Sexuality in the new millennium." In the final plenary WAS president, World Association of Sexologists, we asked all the world sexologists promocionáramos masturbation, as it saw it, and I think all who were there, that masturbation is the best option have in a world full of sexually transmitted infections, a world full of unwanted pregnancies and teenage pregnancies.

To be exposed to one of these tragedies, is undoubtedly safer to use our ten fingers efficiently.

But there are still good reasons to masturbate, I mean: Studies show that women anorgasmic, which formerly was called frigidity or frigid woman, in a high percentage NEVER masturbated. I think that has a lot of logic. Can you imagine a great major league pitcher out to the field to play without heating the arm? Can one think that a child who can not crawl can run?

Masturbation prepares men and women to have a good sexual response, keeps sexually active, but safe and secure with dire consequences. Humans who remain sexually active have a better response and longer, which means that, to masturbate more!

We respect the values ​​and beliefs of human beings who think differently from us, we encourage you to review only what science knows, reading about sexuality and question everything. Fanaticism is responsible for much suffering and death in the world, bigotry is based on ignorance. Do not go for absolute truths, locate, investigate, probe, be curious and especially not close to what is new or what is not in accordance with what he believes.

All great sexologists and sex therapists include masturbation within steps to overcome sexual dysfunctions. Believe me you will not leave hair on hands, will not weaken, not going to become addicted, it's all a lie. All that has been shown to produce fault masturbation who think it's a bad thing.


Dr. Nancy Alvarez

Monday, September 17, 2012

We must continue to protect yourself against sunburn after the summer

After the summer we recommend moisturize, exfoliate and do a clinical review of the skin and hair


Although, as of September, the sun begins to lose intensity, you should continue to apply sunscreen and avoid exposure throughout the year and especially between 11 and 16 hours, as noted by the oncologist Raul Marquez's MD Anderson Cancer Center.

This expert Europa Press highlights the importance that the prevention of skin cancer, especially in its most aggressive: melanoma. For this reason, "we should avoid intense exposure than large", ie if this "whitey" must avoid the intense sun and, thus, skin burns, he argues.

Thus, advocates the use of sunscreens with high levels, especially in young children, and do so continuously. In general, you have to apply it half an hour before exposure and after bathing in the sea or pool.

This expert believes should check your moles every year, taking into account the ABCD rule. This standard sets out the principles of asymmetry, border, color and diameter. Thus, "if the injury is plump is more benign than if you have spiculated margins" and if the edges are "ill-defined" may be malignant, explains the oncologist.

Also, generally, moles usually have a uniformly brown, but in the case of having "different shades", may be indicative of a break in the skin, he says. Finally, the person has to check the diameter of your moles and, in case you have more than 5 or 6 millimeters, you have to go to the dermatologist.

Also, if the mole experiencing a major change in shape and size, stings more than usual or bleed, the individual has to be ruled a malignant lesion.

Usually detected each year in Spain about 3,600 cases of melanoma, "a figure that is increasing every year," warns the expert, who clarifies that this reflects the fact that people are becoming more aware and often come consultation to the early detection of skin lesions.

Moisturize, exfoliate and analyze clinically SKIN

Moreover, it is imperative that after the summer to prepare the skin for the rest of the year. For this, the dermatologist Sergio Vañó stressed the importance of skin and exfoliate, then moisturize deeply to prevent dryness and repair the damage that has occurred during the summer.

Also Vañó recommended to see a specialist to analyze the possible injuries that may have been appearing as a result of continuous radiation from the sun, and begin appropriate treatment.

In this sense, the expert stressed the need to perform a medical evaluation of any mole or spot that has appeared new during the summer months since, she added, an early diagnosis can "save lives."

"Skin cancer is a tumor that was later diagnosed cure but early few are cured more than 95 percent. It is therefore important to be noted that any skin lesion, especially in any mole, is go to a dermatologist to diagnose" Vañó stressed told Europa Press.

Similarly, the specialist has rejected the possibility of centers attend beauty for UVA sessions in order to preserve the tan and recommended use self-tanning creams that oxidize the surface layers of the skin and produce a brown coloration.

But he warned that Vañó to undergo a cosmetic procedure - for example a laser - is "very important" that first skin has lost "the dark" to avoid the appearance of "spots".


Hair is one of the body parts that are damaged more during the summer because of the sun, sea salt and chlorine pools. In addition, during these months often cause significant seasonal hair fall.

To alleviate these problems, the specialist has recommended reviewing what type of hair loss is occurring and, in the case where the accused is a loss, do a blood test to check that there are no iron deficiency, or any alteration hormonal associated.

"During the summer the hair has undergone various types of attacks and we recommend treating with a suitable shampoo and conditioner to go returning to normal," has settled vain.

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