Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Masturbation in young people: A sure way to enjoy sex

Surrounded by guilt and rejection of many religions, masturbation remains the most popular among young people, and people without partners. Recommended at any age and in either sex, in spite of the bad reputation increasingly overcome, now more than ever we are recommending masturbation as a safe way to satisfy the sexual needs, and better sexual response in the future.

For many years we were told that this practice was associated with health problems, sexual dysfunction ... Today we know that the opposite is true.

In August 1999 in Hong Kong, held the World Congress of Sexology, called "Sexuality in the new millennium." In the final plenary WAS president, World Association of Sexologists, we asked all the world sexologists promocionáramos masturbation, as it saw it, and I think all who were there, that masturbation is the best option have in a world full of sexually transmitted infections, a world full of unwanted pregnancies and teenage pregnancies.

To be exposed to one of these tragedies, is undoubtedly safer to use our ten fingers efficiently.

But there are still good reasons to masturbate, I mean: Studies show that women anorgasmic, which formerly was called frigidity or frigid woman, in a high percentage NEVER masturbated. I think that has a lot of logic. Can you imagine a great major league pitcher out to the field to play without heating the arm? Can one think that a child who can not crawl can run?

Masturbation prepares men and women to have a good sexual response, keeps sexually active, but safe and secure with dire consequences. Humans who remain sexually active have a better response and longer, which means that, to masturbate more!

We respect the values ​​and beliefs of human beings who think differently from us, we encourage you to review only what science knows, reading about sexuality and question everything. Fanaticism is responsible for much suffering and death in the world, bigotry is based on ignorance. Do not go for absolute truths, locate, investigate, probe, be curious and especially not close to what is new or what is not in accordance with what he believes.

All great sexologists and sex therapists include masturbation within steps to overcome sexual dysfunctions. Believe me you will not leave hair on hands, will not weaken, not going to become addicted, it's all a lie. All that has been shown to produce fault masturbation who think it's a bad thing.


Dr. Nancy Alvarez

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