Monday, September 17, 2012

We must continue to protect yourself against sunburn after the summer

After the summer we recommend moisturize, exfoliate and do a clinical review of the skin and hair


Although, as of September, the sun begins to lose intensity, you should continue to apply sunscreen and avoid exposure throughout the year and especially between 11 and 16 hours, as noted by the oncologist Raul Marquez's MD Anderson Cancer Center.

This expert Europa Press highlights the importance that the prevention of skin cancer, especially in its most aggressive: melanoma. For this reason, "we should avoid intense exposure than large", ie if this "whitey" must avoid the intense sun and, thus, skin burns, he argues.

Thus, advocates the use of sunscreens with high levels, especially in young children, and do so continuously. In general, you have to apply it half an hour before exposure and after bathing in the sea or pool.

This expert believes should check your moles every year, taking into account the ABCD rule. This standard sets out the principles of asymmetry, border, color and diameter. Thus, "if the injury is plump is more benign than if you have spiculated margins" and if the edges are "ill-defined" may be malignant, explains the oncologist.

Also, generally, moles usually have a uniformly brown, but in the case of having "different shades", may be indicative of a break in the skin, he says. Finally, the person has to check the diameter of your moles and, in case you have more than 5 or 6 millimeters, you have to go to the dermatologist.

Also, if the mole experiencing a major change in shape and size, stings more than usual or bleed, the individual has to be ruled a malignant lesion.

Usually detected each year in Spain about 3,600 cases of melanoma, "a figure that is increasing every year," warns the expert, who clarifies that this reflects the fact that people are becoming more aware and often come consultation to the early detection of skin lesions.

Moisturize, exfoliate and analyze clinically SKIN

Moreover, it is imperative that after the summer to prepare the skin for the rest of the year. For this, the dermatologist Sergio Vañó stressed the importance of skin and exfoliate, then moisturize deeply to prevent dryness and repair the damage that has occurred during the summer.

Also Vañó recommended to see a specialist to analyze the possible injuries that may have been appearing as a result of continuous radiation from the sun, and begin appropriate treatment.

In this sense, the expert stressed the need to perform a medical evaluation of any mole or spot that has appeared new during the summer months since, she added, an early diagnosis can "save lives."

"Skin cancer is a tumor that was later diagnosed cure but early few are cured more than 95 percent. It is therefore important to be noted that any skin lesion, especially in any mole, is go to a dermatologist to diagnose" Vañó stressed told Europa Press.

Similarly, the specialist has rejected the possibility of centers attend beauty for UVA sessions in order to preserve the tan and recommended use self-tanning creams that oxidize the surface layers of the skin and produce a brown coloration.

But he warned that Vañó to undergo a cosmetic procedure - for example a laser - is "very important" that first skin has lost "the dark" to avoid the appearance of "spots".


Hair is one of the body parts that are damaged more during the summer because of the sun, sea salt and chlorine pools. In addition, during these months often cause significant seasonal hair fall.

To alleviate these problems, the specialist has recommended reviewing what type of hair loss is occurring and, in the case where the accused is a loss, do a blood test to check that there are no iron deficiency, or any alteration hormonal associated.

"During the summer the hair has undergone various types of attacks and we recommend treating with a suitable shampoo and conditioner to go returning to normal," has settled vain.

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