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6 reasons why you ignore the advice of Dr.

According to a recent study on health care, one in five women report having difficulty staying healthy, mostly because women are more focused on others than themselves. Women tend to care for their families and often assume the role of "nurse" when someone in your circle suffer from poor health. They are also more prone to end a busy day with more work at home, making them neglect their health. Several experts shared their views on why women often ignore doctor's orders, such as sleeping eight hours, leaving the smoking and healthy eating, among others.

Reason # 1: We do not like what we hear that cigarette You know, soak up the tanning bed and eat that extra piece of chocolate cake you get hurt, but many women have indicated that they leave their bad habits just because they feel good. So when someone tells you to stop doing something you enjoy, it is more difficult to access. Many experts suggest that another reason why women ignore is because doctors are not honest with them, because they are ashamed of their behavior or their perceived lack of willpower. Lying about their habits or health problems is often easier to query time, but runs the risk of aggravating the problem if not given proper treatment.

Reason 2: We think we know more than doctors today everyone has a remedy or solution to every ill. Many people prefer online consult or listen to the advice of a neighbor, who is not a doctor, before going to a doctor's office. A lot has to do with these tips and tricks from someone they trust. But it is very important to consult a doctor and, if not satisfied, seek a second opinion from a physician, not the gossip.

Reason # 3: We have given up if a woman does not value their health and welfare, doctor's advice will fall on deaf ears. Sometimes when a woman is depressed becomes self-destructive and decide you do not follow the doctor's advice. Women are twice as likely to suffer clinical depression than men, so there is increased risk of anxiety disorders. Some signs of mental or emotional problems is the lack of care and exercise, unhealthy relationships and chronic stress. The body and brain are connected, a depression that goes untreated can cause heart disease.

Reason # 4: You're too busy All are trying to be superwomen, so no time to take care of your health. But it is counterproductive, if not take care of your health, you can not fulfill all the tasks and goals you've set. >> health Errors committed by women working.

Reason # 5: It is a sign of weakness Many women have been bred to put the needs of others before their own and when they are put first, they feel guilty. Some women confuse care with selfishness, but this can only aggravate the situation causing stress and resentment.

Reason # 6: Fear of a serious diagnosis Diagnosing a disease like cancer , diabetes or heart problems in its early stages, increases the odds of a good result. Many women experience symptoms that choose to ignore, perhaps hoping that the problem will go away. Experts say this attitude is not only limited to health problems, too bad relationships and image problems. Ignoring the problem seems the best solution, but all I get is worse. On the other hand, some women feel that a doctor's visit is the same as a death sentence. But the doctor can answer questions and offer alternatives. Many conditions such as skin cancer, breast and colon cancer can be treated successfully if detected early. It is important that women get annual exams, mammogram screening, breast self-exams of breasts, colonoscopies and use sunscreen.

Why you should be careful about dietary supplements

Continue to hear stories of athletes who test positive on tests of 'doping' prohibited substances, in addition to HGG and steroids. In some cases, positive results are not only great sporting community in which the athlete participates, but he surprised himself! As an athlete who advocate and practice non-use of drugs, usually I find it hard to believe that. How do elite veteran athletes who train and religiously for years and demonstrate against drugs, many of them on top of their careers, are at risk of using banned substances when they know for sure that at some point will undergo a medical examination?

Dietary supplements misleading and mislabeled! At first glance this sounds like the typical excuse of "I was not" the athlete who abused drugs. However, after a thorough investigation I found a good number of athletes who have been punished by governing bodies because they used products that were labeled incorrectly. While that sounds impossible and illegal in the strictly regulated pharmaceutical market, it happens. And you might even be surprised at how the billionaire market dietary supplements are regulated and provides protection to consumers.

In short, the dietary supplement market is governed by the rule of "harmless, labeled, sold and consumed until proven otherwise " . Although dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA, are regulated differently from other drugs and food. For example, a manufacturer of dietary supplements do not have to prove the product safety and effectiveness before launching your product to market . In addition, unlike drugs, there is no provision in law for the FDA to "approve" supplements food for their safety or effectiveness before they reach the consumer.

Once a supplement has been marketed, the FDA must prove that the product is unsafe to prohibit its use or withdraw it . If you are thinking about using a supplement food, first get information about him from reliable sources. Keep in mind that nutritional supplements can interact with other medications or supplements that may contain ingredients not listed on the label . Do not assume anything about these products. Please note that I am not saying that all supplements are dangerous and their manufacturers can not be trusted, because that's not the case. There are some excellent products on the market that work and provide value to consumers . However, there must be an active competitor to realize you need to know what you're giving your body and how it will react with other medications or other supplements. My last words of warning are, be careful with the supplements you consume!

The anti-smoking measures have saved millions of lives

25 years ago began fighting snuff for the benefit of health. The three pillars of this initiative have been the ban on smoking in public places, the tax increase on cigarettes and conducting awareness compañas. During this quarter century in the United States almost 800 000 lives saved , considering only deaths averted because of lung cancer . The results of a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI) show that the efforts in this country between 1975 and 2000 towards tobacco control, gave excellent results. At first, the smoking ban ruled only for indoors, until in 2010 it began to consider the possibility that also govern for sites open. Thus, in 2011, New York could not be established that smoking in any public park or square. This provision of course includes the famous Central Park.

The study in detail the research team led by Dr. Suresh Moolgavkar, a member of the program of Biostatistics and Biomathematics Research Center Fred Hutchinson Cancer Seattle, U.S., developed a sophisticated model to estimate changes in smoking patterns that North American country. From this analysis, we extracted between 1975 and 2000 were 2.1 million lung cancer deaths among men and about 1.05 million between women. With that number in hand, considering what happened earlier, researchers argued that because of the actions averted 552 000 deaths among 243 000 men and women. "

Quitting for reducing deaths from lung cancer. The problem is that despite the spread, even many people who smoke . But this should not make us throw up their hands because we know that the most effective way to reduce the burden of lung cancer is to get smokers to quit but especially prevent non-smokers begin to do it, "explained the team members Moolgavkar in the online edition of JNCI. "And we must not forget that beyond the lung cancer, smoking cessation also reduces heart attack rates, stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), "they concluded.

The dangers (fatal) of energy drinks

A relatively new issue has become very common today. It is the market's fastest growing beverage in the country. They are especially popular among athletes, students or anyone who is looking to pay a little more in the gym, on the playground or classroom. Sold in cans and bottles of colors, available in stores and centers 'fitness' are highly publicized and often are backed by athletes. Sporting events and concerts receive their sponsorship. The product is marketed as something that provides health benefits. And they should have safety warnings on their use.

The energy drinks . As Red Bull, Monster, 5-Hour Enerty, Go Girl and Rockstar. People are taken to improve performance and speed recovery after exercise. The problem is, that may cause sudden cardiac death if consumed in excess . Is the root of the problem? Caffeine. Most of these drinks contain caffeine, which can raise your heart rate and blood pressure . In fact, they can raise your heart rate and blood pressure much more than physical activity. This can lead to arrhythmias and sudden death . If you're prone to heart disease (which might not know yet), these beverages may hasten the onset of these conditions. Athletes often struggle to the point that your heart rate reaches almost its maximum level. If you have eaten something to raise those rates even more, are in danger. It may be somewhat rare, but it is certainly possible.

Beyond the grave dangers, energy drinks dehydrates you n-that is not what they want in a drink when you're dehydrated from exercise. Most of these drinks are very high in sugar, although some offer versions of diet or sugar free. Many of them also contain taurine , ginseng and guarana . Taurine increases heart rate and blood pressure in a manner similar to caffeine. Guarana contains about twice the caffeine than coffee beans. All this is of great concern, to the extent that in 2008 the National Federation of State School Associations recommended that energy drinks should not be used for hydration purposes, not be consumed by athletes dehydrated. These suggest that only water and sports drinks can be used to rehydrate.

Later, he said that energy drinks should not be used by athletes who were taking prescription or nonprescription, without prior approval of a physician. While taking one of these drinks occasionally is fine, many people consume them very often. Most athletes do not consume large caffeine drinks before an event. However, they are unaware of caffeine levels in these "energy drinks." My suggestion to all this? Be on the safe, just avoid these energy drinks, especially when not regulated.

An aspirin a day keeps cancer at bay

Taking aspirin regularly may have a protective effect against cancer , according to a new study published in the medical journal The Lancet . During his final analysis, Professor Peter Rothwell of Oxford University, found that the protective effect of aspirin becomes evident after three to five years of taking the medication daily . Other medical studies have previously shown that exercise, smoking cessation and healthy eating can significantly reduce the risk of cancer, but the team said Rothwell, aspirin reduces this risk even more. The findings show that a small dose (75-300 mg) a day is enough to reduce cancer risk by 25 percent in a period of three years of consumption. Consumed after five years, aspirin reduces the risk of death from cancer by 15 percent. And although the study recognizes aspirin can help prevent cancer, the authors also suggest that before taking any decision or add aspirin to a daily diet, everyone should consult their doctor.

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Sexual problems in women

What are sexual problems?

Having a sexual problem means that sex does not meet or are not positive for you. In women, common sexual problems include feeling little or nor any interest in sex, have trouble becoming aroused or having problems with orgasm. For some women, pain during sex is a problem.

Most women have a sexual problem at some time or another. For some women, the problem is continuous. But your symptoms are a sexual problem only if you experience discomfort or problems in their relationship.

There is no "normal" sexual response, because it is different for every woman. You may also notice that what is normal in a stage of your life changes at another stage or another age. For example, it is common for a baby's exhausted mother has little interest in sex. And it is common for both women and men have less intense sex drives as they age. This is partly related to hormonal changes the body.

What are some causes of sexual problems in women?

Female sexuality is complex. In essence, there is a need for closeness and intimacy. Women also have physical needs. When a problem arises in the emotional or physical life, you can have sexual problems.

Some common causes include:

Emotional causes such as stress , relationship problems, depression or anxiety, memories of sexual trauma and dissatisfaction with their bodies.
Physical causes such as hormonal problems, pain caused by injury or other problem, and certain conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.

Aging, which can cause changes in the vagina such as dryness and stiffness.
Certain medications can cause sexual problems. These include medicines for depression, blood pressure and diabetes.

What are the symptoms?

Sexual problems may include:

  • Feel less desire for sex.
  • Having trouble getting aroused.
  • Unable to have an orgasm.
  • Have pain during sex.
  • How are they diagnosed sexual problems in women?

Often, women recognize a sexual problem when they notice a change in desire or sexual satisfaction. When this happens, it is useful to assess what is working and what is not working in the body and life. For example:

  • Are you sick or taking a drug that can reduce sexual desire or response?
  • Are you stressed or often very tired?
  • Do you have a loving and respectful relationship with a partner?
  • Do you and your partner the time and privacy needed to relax together?
  • Do you have painful memories about sex or intimacy?
  • Your doctor can help decide what to do. Will ask questions, do a physical exam and will discuss possible causes.

For some women, it is difficult to talk to your doctor about sexual problems at first. Sometimes it is helpful to write down what you want to say beforehand. For example, you might say something like: "In recent months, I have not enjoyed sex as much as I used to." Or you could say: "Since I started taking the drug, I did not feel like having sex."

How are they treated?

Treatment for sexual problems depends on what is causing the problem. Could be one or more factors that are causing the problems. Many sexual problems can be solved after identifying the cause or causes.

Sexual activity carries emotional issues, physical and link. Successful treatment requires a high level of comfort between you and your doctor. Ideally, you and your partner to talk openly about sexuality-related concerns. Treatment may include treating health problems, receive counseling on communication and learn new techniques to practice at home. For example, you could take a warm bath to relax, have a lot of foreplay before intercourse or try different positions during sex.

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Slimming without anxiety (with chocolate)

Chocolate is the gift of God for creating the broccoli. All chocolates are rich but just some help to lose weight. My choco-addiction will be useful to learn to choose. Cocoa is the main ingredient of chocolate. Although the good part of cocoa has no sugar or fat, it is best that produces happiness.

WHEN EATING CHOCOLATE WEIGHT LOSS Circadian Diet created by Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz. 20 years ago, was the first to discover the importance of eating chocolate for breakfast. His anxious patients were able to control the appetite, began to lose weight quickly and my mother made ​​her famous. At dawn, the serotonin is high and therefore we do not want a plate of pasta or ice cream. But as the day progresses, Serotonin decreases and 4:26 PM shows a sharp decline. At that time anxiety attacks occur for sweets. Eating dark chocolate after breakfast proteins is crucial to not feel anxiety in the afternoon.

CHOOSE WHAT CHOCOLATE WEIGHT LOSS cocoa butter is used to make white chocolate. Although not sweet and tasty and fattening profits. L a good part of the cocoa is bitter and should be the main ingredient for chocolate helps you lose weight . A dark chocolate bar requires 80 cocoa beans and is therefore more expensive than the white chocolate has no cocoa butter but only and sugar. Milk chocolate only has a bit of cocoa (20%) and the rest is sugar and milk fat. Although there with 99% cocoa chocolates are inedible, bitter taste needs to be tempered with a little sugar, vanilla and lecithin . Right now I'm enjoying my chocolate 85% cocoa, but 70% is more readily available and good enough.


• Eat chocolate for breakfast (but not make you feel)
• You can eat chocolate 70% cocoa at any time, even if you have sugar
• If you suffer from insomnia is best avoided (not sleeping fat)
• Milk chocolate and white chocolate are junk food and a disrespect to the generosity of nature.

COCOA HOW YOUR BRAIN When the pleasurable effects of cannabis (marijuana) are blocked, the pleasure of eating chocolate also goes by stimulating the same place in the brain. Although antidepressants raise serotonin, chocolate achieves more intensively through the tryptophan. Chocolate is perfect for a first date, even their Phenylethylamine is called the chocolate amphetamine or love drug. It also has stimulant similar to caffeine, theobromine content.

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Foods that help you quit smoking

Habits are hard to break, but they may break, you can. Studies show that breaking a habit is to eat junk food, alcohol or smoking cigarettes, it takes 21 days. This is the time required for a new habit is formed and the old habit is gone. Twenty days can seem like an eternity to be focused on only break a bad habit, but trying to change more than one habit at a time can make you feel overwhelmed and result in failure.

So for now let us to focus on breaking the smoking habit. You may be wondering why I'm not giving advice on food, but you will notice that the food is key to breaking the smoking habit. If you tried to quit smoking at some Once you know how difficult this is. This is because nicotine is an addictive drug, but what many do not realize is how nicotine affects the body's sugars. Nicotine releases the sugars that we have in our bodies. So after a cigarette we feel energized, relaxed and like new. It is not the cigarette itself, but how our bodies cause this reaction both enjoy smoking. While those who smoke know that smoking causes a number of conditions, harms nearly every organ in the body and reducing the life of the smoker, the chemical reaction that occurs in the body by nicotine is one that many fail to win.

But ... Did you know that there are foods that can help you stop smoking?

1. Foods high and vitamin C such as broccoli, strawberries, narajnas and grapefruit because they help with temptations.

2. pineapple juice or grape juice help balance the sugars in the body of nicotine.

3. Milk, cheese, yogurt make cigarettes know bitter.

4. not drink coffee or alcohol, or eat red meat because these types of foods do know that smoking sweet.

5. Other types of foods that help combartir anxiety one has when you want to quit are:

  • A. Celery 
  • B. Cinnamon
  • C. Water 
  • D. Spinach 
  • E. Raisins 
  • F. Almond 
  • G. Potatoes 
  • H. Corn 
  • I. Vanilla 
  • J. Brown Rice

6. Foods that make you want to smoke more,

  • A. Chicken 
  • B. Eggs 
  • C. Milk 
  • D. Blueberries 
  • E. Coffee 
  • F. Lentils 
  • G. Mani 
  • H. Nuts 
  • I. Red Wine

The benefits of coffee

Do not feel guilty of serving another cup of coffee. Research has shown that coffee may reduce the risk of several conditions, including stroke and diabetes . We have also found other benefits in a new strain of study.

Cancer of the skin. The sunscreen is still necessary, but women who take more than three eight-ounce cups a day were 20% less likely to develop basal cell carcinoma - the most common cause of cancer in the skin-that those who have less than one cup per month, according to a study presented at the conference of the American Association for Cancer Research. The cafe is full of antioxidants that fight inflammation.

Depression. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant, which usually helps people feel better and more energized. That could be the reason why women who drank four cups of regular coffee daily were 20% less likely to become depressed over a period of 10 years than those taking a cup or less per week average, according to research published by Archives of Internal Medicine.

AD. Many studies have found an association between coffee and a lower rate between Alzheimer and other dementias. In a Finnish trial, those taking between three to five cups daily in their 40 and 50 years were 65% less likely to develop Alzheimer's in its 60 and 70 than those who drank two cups or less daily. The magic ingredient seems to be a compound that works together with caffeine to produce new brain cells and strengthen the connections between them.

How are you affected by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

If you have noticed the appearance of acne and hair, or weight gain for no apparent reason, the following notes. The polycystic ovary syndrome can cause the above, but also causes infertility. This condition is often hidden behind hormonal imbalances , and therefore sometimes not easy to catch it early. While its cause is unknown, is known to have a lot to do with genetics, but that habits influence both its development and in its course and severity.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrinopathy that is part of called "metabolic disorders". " Between 6 and 8 percent of women affected by PCOS , which will generate significant hormonal imbalances, which in some cases can lead to complex conditions. While there are severe cases, so affected women generally have intermediate frames that can be controlled and reversed, provided they are treated in time , "said Dr. Fernando Beltramone, specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, team member of the Society for Reproductive Medicine Reproductive Medicine Argentina (SAMER ).

Symptoms and detection "is curious that despite significant progress in the field of medical research, and even more so in one of the most common disorders among women, the causes of PCOS is still not completely known. But , we know that there is a genetic pattern of inheritance, which is combined with certain environmental factors that influence the development of the disease, "explained the expert. detection then usually done usually when the patients come to the clinic because external manifestations that present among which include the hirsutism (growth of male beard hair style), acne, difficulty losing weight and getting pregnant complications , mainly due to the lack of menstrual periods and, hence of ovulation. "The natural history of patients with this condition shows that over time those who did not receive adequate treatment or monitoring may develop disorders that compromise their health, as type II diabetes, obesity or cardiovascular disease after menopause (increased risk of atherosclerosis and heart attack), "noted Dr. Beltramone.

"It is therefore very important that women who think they have any symptoms or family history has quickly seek medical attention, not only because the SOP is a chronic condition with no cure but can be treated favorable, but also because without medical advice can lead to various complications, "added the specialist, who also said that" treatment should be interdisciplinary. " What we can do in terms of habits, it is known that a decrease of only five percent of body weight, generates a change in metabolism enough to resume a normal menstrual rhythm. On the other hand, it is important not to smoke as well as physical activity and eating healthy. Source: Health News Pro

Foods that fight allergies

A healthy, balanced diet can control allergies and other conditions . Recent research suggests that some foods can help fight allergies by controlling inflammation, dilated airways and provide relief . A study points to the components of the Mediterranean diet, including nuts, grapes, oranges, apples and tomatoes, to provide relief to allergies. Researchers found that children who follow this diet Greeks in particular are less likely to show symptoms of nasal allergies or asthma.

These foods may help you: Probiotics have been proven probiotics have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-allergic, especially when consumed during pregnancy and lactation. A study published in the British Journal of Dermatology showed that mothers who consumed milk supplemented with probiotic during and after pregnancy halved the odds that their children will develop eczema, a condition related to allergies. In addition, an Italian study found that children between 2 to 5 with allergic rhinitis who took probiotic fermented milk for 12 months experienced fewer episodes allergic children in the control group.

Spices Spices can clear the sinuses. The anise , fennel , radish and mustard spicy act as natural decongestants, to relieve allergies by stimulating the nasal cilia and disrupt congestion. Include these spices in recipes will help you improve your allergies.

Fruits rich in Vitamin C. The itching, hives and other discomforts of allergies is a response to histamine. Vitamin C will help because it indirectly inhibits inflammatory cells to release histamine. Studies have shown that high levels of vitamin C reduces histamine and helps dissolve more quickly, which provides relief of allergy symptoms. Foods high in vitamin C also help reduce inflammation. Foods such as oranges , strawberries , apples and watermelon counteract allergic inflammatory responses.

Bioflavonoids Some studies suggest bioflavonoids as providing relief from allergies act as mast cell stabilizers, which decreases the number of cells that react to allergens. Mast cells are responsible for releasing histamine. A specific bioflavonoid called quercetin, has proved particularly powerful when it comes to reducing inflammation. Good sources of quercetin found in apples, onions, tea and red wine, among others.

magnesium rich foods magnesium rich foods such as almonds , cashews , bran and brown seaweed relieve allergies because magnesium acts as a bronchodilator and antihistamine. Magnesium also has a calming effect on the muscles of the bronchial tubes and body. A study from Brigham Young University showed that magnesium-deficient animals had higher levels of histamine in the blood when exposed to allergens, animals with adequate levels of magnesium.

Foods rich in Vitamin E Gamma tocopherol in vitamin E appears to decrease inflammation associated with allergies. In a study by the University of Michigan, animals that received high doses of gamma tocopherol before breathing heavily polluted air experienced less inflammation in their nasal passages animals were given gamma tocopherol. The dose of this form of vitamin E in the study was extremely high, a person would have to consume gallons of soybean oil to get relief. But using this oil instead of other more acids can help.

Cold Water Fish Cold water fish like salmon, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to have anti-inflammatory that can relieve allergies. Other foods rich in omega-3 to help with inflammation, including nuts and flax seed. Fruits and vegetables all benefit from a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables. Its natural anti-inflammatory effects may help relieve allergies. An Italian study supports this theory. The researchers examined the diets of more than four thousand children for 12 months and found that children who consumed many cooked vegetables , tomatoes and citrus fruit s, experienced less wheezing, shortness of breath and other symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Children who ate more bread and margarine, were more likely to wheeze.

Potassium: Increases sexual desire and helps us to reduce

Potassium helps to increase the production of sex hormone. It is also an element and an electrolyte essential for growth and maintenance of the body necessary to maintain a normal water balance between cells and body fluids. Potassium also plays an essential role in the response of nerves to stimulation and muscle contraction. In fact, it is crucial that the human body always maintain regular levels of potassium because potassium changes if too high or too low can cause cardiac arrhythmias that can lead to organ malfunction or death. Now some foods high in potassium are also high in calories, but if they are consumed in moderation, can help you lose weight.

How? Potassium is a dietary mineral essential because it helps build muscle, regulates blood pressure and helps your heart work properly . Eating potassium-rich foods will not only increase the sexual desire of a person but that can help us to achieve weight loss since potassium helps to convert the food we eat into energy. It is particularly important for those of us who have objectives for weight loss. Why? Larger muscles burn more calories, so the potassium that helps build muscle bigger and stronger, has a direct impact in helping us turn our bodies into a calorie burning machine. In addition to helping our muscles become more powerful also helps us to exercise daily, which is extremely important for anyone who wants to get rid of some unwanted pounds.


Bananas                 Oranges
Mere                 Strawberries or strawberries
Tuna                         Potato
Damascus                 Avocados
Tomatoes                Cucumber
Pumpkin                Cabbage
Spinach                Pepper
Parsley                Broccoli
Mushrooms or mushrooms       Eggplant

Approve new silicone implants filled with gel

Recently the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. approved silicone breast implants manufactured by gel Sientra, Inc . to increase breast size and to reconstruct the breast tissue. As a condition of approval, the agency required that the production company continue to evaluate the long-term safety and product efficacy and risks of the results of rare diseases that may arise in patients.

Silicone breast implants are gel filled medical devices implanted in the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle to increase or reconstruct the breast. These implants have an outer smooth or textured silicone gel-filled and comes in different sizes. Breast reconstruction replaces the breast tissue has been removed due to cancer or trauma or that has failed to develop properly due to a severe breast abnormality.

Breast reconstruction also includes revision surgery to correct or improve the result of a primary breast reconstruction surgery. Breast augmentation includes primary breast extension to enlarge the size of the breasts and the surgery review to correct or improve the result of a primary breast augmentation surgery. With this new approval, include three gel silicone implants approved by FDA in the U.S. manufactured by Allergan , Mentor and Sientra . "Research on these and other silicone breast implants filled with gel approved continue to demonstrate reasonable assurance of safety and efficacy," said William Maisel, MD, MPH, deputy director for science at the Center the FDA for Devices and Radiological Health. "It is important to remember that breast implants are not lifetime devices.

Women should fully understand the risks associated with breast implants before considering the increase or reconstructive surgery, and recognize that the long-term monitoring is essential. "said Maisel. The FDA based its approval to Sientra three years of data in clinical trials among 1.788 participants. The complications and the results reflect those found in previous studies of breast implants and others include hardening of the area around the implant (capsular contracture), reoperation, implant removal, uneven appearance (asymmetry), and infection. Source:

New screening for colorectal cancer

Month of March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness, a disease that affects 1 in every 17 people and is the second leading cause of death from cancer in the United States. Timely detection of this disease is paramount, and for this there is a new noninvasive test that has shown greater accuracy.
The new test is "highly accurate, noninvasive, requires no bowel preparation, or restrictions on drugs, or dietary changes and can be performed with samples sent by mail, obviating the need, expense and inconvenience of going to the doctor , "she says Dr. David Ahlquist of the Mayo Clinic . Researchers at Mayo Clinic and Exact Sciences Inc . developed in this test set detection is now under investigation. According to experts, the results of two recent studies reveal that this test is highly accurate and significantly more sensitive than other noninvasive tests to detect pre-cancerous growths (adenomas) and early cancer. "This test, with its high accuracy, can improve participation rates, thanks to the benevolent features it offers to patients, "says Dr. Ahlquist.

What is the new screening examination of stool DNA genetic markers specific search in the stool samples flanked by patients. If the result is positive, the next step is a colonoscopy to remove polyps to prevent the subsequent formation of a cancer, says Dr. Ahlquist. on its accuracy: - In the nearly 400 cases, the stool DNA test detected 87 percent of the curable stage colorectal cancer. It is noteworthy that neither the location nor the stage of the tumor affected the sensitivity of detection. - The review identified most large precancerous polyps who are at high risk of progressing to cancer. - The sensitivity was 64 percent for polyps more than 1 centimeter (cm), 77 percent for those over 2 cm, and 92 percent for those above 4 cm. "It seems important to mention that this test provides a means unique, noninvasive and accuracy of large polyps, offering the hope of actually prevent cancer development, "said researcher Dr. Stephen Thibodeau, Mayo Clinic geneticist

Although that recommends a colorectal cancer screening to everyone after 50 years, 60 percent of patients are diagnosed when the disease is in advanced stage, mainly due to failure to follow . The examination is critical because survival rates increase dramatically when colorectal cancer is detected early. Source: Mayo Clinic

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15 reasons to have sex for the health

If you enjoy having sex, you will like to know who is also a healthy way to prevent disease. Improve your fitness, your blood pressure, your heart, you relieve pain, lengthen your life and to look better. Need more reasons to put aside the excuses and dedicating yourself to love?

Reason # 1: It's like going to the gym

Sex is a form of Exercise, like walking or running. The pulsations DURING intercourse Increased from 70 to 150 beats per minute, would happen to the Same DURING an athlete training. Having sex three times a week burns up to 600 calories and stay fit THROUGHOUT the

Exercise también located
Addition to the cardiovascular benefit, produced muscle contractions in HAVING Different body areas like the pelvis, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck and chest. Sexual activity Also Increases the production of the hormone testosterone That Helps Strengthen bones and muscles.

Reason # 2: Improving your heart

Sex stimulates the activity of various organs, including your heart. According to a Queens University study have sex two or more times per week reduces the risk of heart attack by half, compared with those who have sex once a month.

Reason # 3: Decrease the pain
Serves no longer the famous excuse of headache to not have sex. Several studies Indicate That keeping the sex you reduce headaches and pains, as Before orgasm, increase Levels of the hormone oxytocin, Which in turn releases endorphins, relieves pain and headaches Which corporles.

Oxytocin is a natural sedative

If You have a headache, bone or premenstrual discomfort is nothing better than a sexual advance. A study published in the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine 48 Volunteers Reported That They steam did inhale oxytocin and Then suffered pain in Their fingers, They Reported That the hormone Reduced pain by half.

Reason # 4: Prevents Prostate Cancer

It is known that prostate disorders are the result of secretions from the gland and regular sexual activity to clear secretions. According to recent studies, ejaculate frequently may reduce the risk for prostate cancer.

More sex of young, lower Risk

Australian Researchers Found That this does not OCCUR prevention at Any Time of Life, But Especially In Men Than When They Were About 20 years HAD frequent intercourse. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found That Men Who Had frequent ejaculations, 21 or more a month, Have a lower prostate cancer of Risk Compared With Men who ejaculated Between 4 and 7 times per month.

Reason # 5: Reduce stress

A Scottish research journal Biological Piscología Studied 24 women and 22 men who Kept a record of your sexual activity and stress Were Exposed Situations Such As typical speaking in research público.La Found That Those Who Had more sex more responsive to stress.

Reason # 6: Low blood pressure

Another study aimed to test the relationship between stress and blood pressure, managed to associate the reduction in diastolic pressure with the frequency of sex and even the number of hugs I get a woman might be related to a lower blood pressure.

Reason # 7: Improve the relationship

Love and affection can increase the level of oxytocin, a hormone That Increases sexual desire and feelings of affection the other you, especially after climax. Do not you feel after an orgasm you love your partner or more than life smiles at you? That is oxytocin.

Reason # 8: Increases in life expectancy

lengthens sex life. An investigation by the Queens University in Ireland, 1000 Compared people of like age and health condition and found people who Had the Highest frequency of orgasm, a death rate half Showed That Those Who had sex sporadically.

Reason # 9: Improve your defenses

Having sex regularly, that is two or three times a week benefits your immune system. According to a study of Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, having sex once or twice a week increases the presence of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which protects us from infections and colds.

Reason # 10: less urinary incontinence

Many women after childbirth or With Age Noticed That Sometimes When you sneeze, cough or laugh When They Have Difficulty controlling the urine due to a weakening of Their pelvic muscles. Kegel exercises are recommended That your physician will use Them When you have sex.

Reason # 11: Improve your sleep

The release of the hormone oxytocin Also Helps Improve and induces sleep naturally. Moreover, sleep is associated Improving With A healthier lifestyle and Improving physical Various Symptoms Such As blood pressure. No longer a secret why Many fall asleep after making love.

Reason # 12: Your skin will look beautiful

Women after having sex twice produced amounts of estrogen and a hormone that promotes youth known by its acronym in English DHEA, providing the skin softness and shine. On the other hand, produces perspiration that is the natural mechanism of skin to remove impurities and unclog pores.

Reason # 13: Your posture Improves

DURING intercourse using your abs and glutes (buttocks). These muscles support your lower back. If These muscles are strong and in good condition, Improve Your back and your posture in general. You'll look best in front and back.

Reason # 14: Fighting Depression

DURING orgasms or Just Before ejaculation, the level of the hormone DHEA in the blood is 5 times what Greater than normal. This steroid is present in women and men too. High Levels of DHEA are Associated with longevity, Increased desire, Improve mood in a significant overall improvement and to of depressive state.

Reason # 15: Improve your self-esteem

The University of Texas has published a manual with 237 reasons to have sex which includes an elevated self-esteem. Having sex makes us feel better about ourselves, we are most beautiful, desirable, reassures us and gives us happiness without side effects.

Jane Fonda: Sex at 70

One of the secrets to staying young Jane Fonda and radiant despite her 73 years, is nothing less than sex. In His new book "Prime Time" Reveals That At This age women, need to Encourage Their Husbands to have sex pleasurable and healthy.

14 celebrity sex addicts

  • Tiger Woods, the collector

The sex addict is defined as sexual compulsive behaviors HAVING. The last of These scandals Was That of Tiger Woods. From erupted in November 2009 That I've met more than a dozen romances. They say it's a compulsion typical of powerful men.

  • Lindsay Lohan, the nympho

He said a former boyfriend, Riley Giles, who said the actress had replaced drugs with sex. Sex addiction is an issue that is usually treated with flippancy. However, the World Health Organization plans to include it as a disease in its list of mental disorders.

  • Michael Douglas, the insatiable

Before He Was battling cancer, Michael Douglas Had to Confront sex addiction, I've Spent in the rehabilitation in 1993. The player ADMITTED HAVING one of the typical Symptoms of This disorder: uncontrollable sexual Suffering Urges.

Scientific definition: hypersexuality
The definition hypersexuality have Replaced the terms nymphomaniac for women, and satyriasis for man (Referring the mythological satyrs). It is an insatiable quest for Both sexual pleasure, Followed by a feeling of uneasiness and guilt.

  • Charlie Sheen, the man of the motels

This year, after a 911 call, police found the actor in the motel room doing drugs with a prostitute. Brothels, pornography, hot lines, casual sex, are common words in the dictionary of sex addicts.

  • Sharon Stone, the femme fatale

He never said it openly, but Sharon Stone suggested in dozens of interviews was spirited to the disease. According to the book "Sexual addiction and compulsivity: Handbook of Treatment and Prevention" 6 percent of the population suffers from this addiction. And the 2 percent are women.

An addiction solitary
Psychologists say it is one of the lesser-known addictions. The reason is simple: Those Who Suffer the disorder REMAIN hidden. At least ordinary people can do it, Because celebrities are prone to more scandal.

  • David Duchovny, the cyber addict

The compulsion to look at Internet pornography is a modern form of sexual addiction. This is what happened to the star of "Californication," Who was in rehab in 2008. An Estimated 70 million people visit Each year XXX websites. And 5 percent Clot are addicted.

  • Hugh Grant, street sex

In 1995, the English actor was arrested in Los Angeles for soliciting sex from a prostitute on the street, amid a sting operation. The sex worker Divine Brown to give details of the things that Grant asked.

A disorder That destroys lives
After the scandal, Grant finished historical 13-year relationship with model Elizabeth Hurley. Sex addiction can destroy careers and Families. Experts say it is very apologetic for a couple of the patient Understand That this is a disease.

  • George Michael, sex in the park

in 2006, singer George Michael WAS Involved in a sex scandal when to He Was caught leaving a London park WHERE I HAD HAD casual sex with another man. Sex addiction leads to Participate in high-risk situations.

  • Bill Clinton, sex in the White House

For many, the only explanation for a president is involved in a sex scandal is addiction. The affair with intern Monica Lewinsky, which met bizarre details, exploded in 1998.

The other faces of the scandals
Usually the sex addict is the victim of historical Often addiction ... And Also Occasionally with someone who practices it. Such Was The case of Monica Lewinsky (Clinton case), Divine Brown (Grant case) or Capri Anderson (case Sheen) who profited from the scandal.

  • Rob Lowe, bar after sex

actor Rob Lowe WAS Strongly damaged after it Became His public career to video Which was all having sex With Two women, one of Which was lower. In his "mea culpa" actor named the word addiction.

  • Pedro Almodóvar, oral sex

Sometimes you need not be the famous scandal followed him to catalog addict. Director Pedro Almodovar confessed during a press conference in Cannes that he had engaged in oral sex to stimulate an actress in a scene...

  • Kanye West, four times per night

The singer confessed That must be at least four per night ... Sexual Relationships no matter with Whom. One of the Characteristics of the sex addict sex Is That Should Be added trophies as one sum. The problem is That satisfaction never comes.

  • David Carradine, extreme sex

The famous star of "Kung Fu" was found in a hotel room in Bangkok, died of what is Called "autoerotic asphyxiation" an extreme form of sex is Considered a Serious version of sexual addiction.

  • Kim Cattrall, the man-eating

No doubt the character of Samantha Jones in "Sex and the City", who can not stop having sex, reflected in part the addictive cravings of the actress. Cattrall confessed that his two marriages failed because there was not enough sex.

Treatable and preventable an addiction
sexual desire from person to person changes file. What is too much for Some is overkill for Others. But crossing the line addicts, healthy desire Becomes Pathological Behavior to an addiction, a disorder to be Treated.

New course on a map of female pleasure

For the first time science has documented something that women all over the world came close in his talks saying: that there are other parts of the body can produce the same kind of pleasure that stimulation of the clitoris. Doctors have failed to demonstrate these findings in brain imaging, which can help many women with difficulties in obtaining pleasure.

A group of scientists from Rutgers University in New Jersey, has made significant progress in discovering the path of female pleasure, indeed, are changing the focus of the investigation.

To discover the secrets of achieving female orgasm, the researchers decided to look beyond the clitoris and vagina and went to find the answers to the brain, ie the flow of electrical impulses responses and sexual stimulation sends and receives to and from the system nervous.

 The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and presented at the Annual Conference of Neurology in Washington recently.

The Rutgers scientists assembled a group of women and underwent a magnetic resonance imaging while they experienced an orgasm through masturbation and brain imaging were able to obtain exact time of each cycle of sexual arousal.

As expected, the researchers showed that in addition to the vagina and the clitoris, the stimulation of the cervix and breasts also send pleasure signals to the cerebral cortex and activate brain areas involved with pleasure.

What was a surprise is that "stimulation of the breasts causing the reaction in the same area of ​​the brain that genital stimulation, which may explain why some women can reach orgasm through breast stimulation," explains expert.

By stimulating these three regions: the breasts, clitoris and cervix, in regard to sensory cortex, the research showed that there were variations similar to the stimulation of male genitals.

"What caught the attention," he explained in his report, Barry Komisaruk one of the researchers who conducted the study, is that by stimulating the nipples, we found activation not only in the region of the cerebral cortex than we expected but also an awakening of those brain regions that are generally activated by stimulation of the genital area.

While the clitoris is still an area of ​​privileged pleasure, the researcher adds that "We found that when stimulated cervix or vagina also is a strong sensory activation," the researcher who is also co-author of "The Science of Orgasm. "

This conclusion may be very significant if we consider a study published in the Journal of Sex Research and distributed in the American Psychological Association that no less that 67% of heterosexual women have faked orgasms admitted on several occasions.

The discovery marks a milestone in the history of research, as it occurs 60 years after researchers had succeeded in mapping the brain of male pleasure.

Create stem cell eggs

A new study claims to have found that older women are stem cells that can produce new eggs. Thus, fall one of the main myths of biology: that women are born with a fixed number of eggs.

The possibility of one day with unlimited quantities of human eggs for use in fertility treatments is real, according to research published in Nature by Jonathan Tilly of the Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Tilly's team identified and isolated stem cells responsible for production of eggs in the ovaries during the reproductive years of women: it is DDX4 protein unique to the surface of stem cells.

Scientists identify cells grown in laboratory-generated spontaneously, immature eggs (oocytes) similar to those present in the human body, and also behave like them.

They also observed that the cells matured when they were between the tissues of a living human ovary grafted into mice. And they showed that they can be fertilized with sperm to produce embryos.

New horizons in fertility

In the U.S., approximately 10% of women (6.1 million) between 15 and 44 years of age have difficulty conceiving or maintaining pregnancy, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) .

For Tilly, head of research, "the primary objective of the study was to prove that stem cells exist and oocytes in ovaries of women during their reproductive lives. This opens the door to development of techniques to overcome unprecedented the infertility in women, "he said.

The researcher explains that "outside the body, these cells are more likely to multiply its generating function." He added: "If we can guide the process, I think given the possibility that in the future we will have an unlimited supply of eggs."

What number of eggs produced by a woman?

As early fetal life, are owned by 6 to 7 million eggs. From that moment, no longer produced. The vast majority of eggs that are within the ovaries steadily die, until they are exhausted at menopause.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that at birth, there are approximately 1 million eggs and at the time of puberty, only be 300,000. Of these, only between 300 and 400 will be ovulated during the reproductive life course of women.

In the phase of the study of human samples, cultured stem cells in vitro and found that they differed from others that showed genetic patterns such as oocytes and had half the genetic load (23 chromosomes instead of 46) , exactly as gametes.

Furthermore, some marked stem cells implanted under the skin of rodents and these gave rise to immature human follicles.

According to Tilly, these results constitute the "proof of concept that stem cells ovocíticas, reintroduced in the adult human ovarian tissue, play the role expected to generate new oocytes are surrounded by host cells to form new hair follicles."

Could potentially lead to eggs and these form viable embryos, which have many applications in the field of assisted reproduction .

What you should know about the chocolate

The delicious chocolate has gone from being the enemy to be a good friend in the field of health. In recent years, several studies have found benefits offered by chocolate ranging from protecting your heart to improve your mood. But not all varieties of chocolates are the same . The Academy of Nutrition and Diet has indicated that the health effects of chocolate are derived from its origin as a plant, the cacao bean, which contains flavanols (phytochemicals that act as antioxidants).

Different formulations have different amounts of the magic ingredient, here's how: Milk chocolate contains less flavanols than the dark, so it is not the ideal choice. But you can increase profits by selecting a bar with a level of cocoa between medium and high (40%), with some nuts and dried fruit for an extra benefit. Chuao Chocolatier Caracas bar contains 41% cocoa, almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios to add nutrients. White Chocolate This is the least nutritious in the world of chocolate because it contains no cocoa . The only advantage is contains some calcium.

Test Divine White Chocolate with Strawberries. Strawberries are dried at the point of maturity, which adds a dose of antioxidants. Dark Chocolate bars darker and somewhat bitter are the best choices because they contain the highest concentration of cocoa. Many palates can not handle the strong taste of pure chocolate, but a content of 70% is usually the ideal amount. Lindt Excellence bar 70 Percent Cocoa Dark Smooth, which contains only five ingredients and is one of the best options.

Exercise can make you smarter

If you want to get in shape , you should exercise. If you want a healthy heart, you must exercise. And if you want to be smarter, you should also exercise. According to a new study, physical activity can stimulate your brain and improve your cognitive skills . According to the site Marie Claire , a team of scientists from the University of South Carolina found that the sessions on the treadmill also stimulate the brain, causing it to work faster and more efficiently . "The evidence indicates that exercise keeps your brain young , "says lead researcher, Dr. Mark Davis. According to Davis, in the long run, the production of structures mitochondria in brain cells could create a barrier against brain diseases like Alzheimer's .

Knowing this, what you should do from now? Dr. Davis suggests that a jog of 30 minutes could increase your brain power and increase the delivery of signals between cells. Keep in mind also that other studies have shown that exercise-and-bike is an excellent way to prevent disease and can also help extend your life.

Want to have a perfect night's sleep? Keep this up

According to a new study, the secret to enjoy a perfect night's sleep is getting to bed at 10 pm . Counting the time it takes to fall asleep and thinking that your alarm goes off at 6:30 am the next day, this will help you enjoy eight hours of sleep and feel fresh and rested when you wake up. According to the results of a survey between 2,000 British adults, the best way of rest was in bed by 10 pm and wake up on average at 6:47 am . According to the site publishes Marie Claire , survey participants said they were fully rested and ready to start your day by following this routine.

"The actual time people spend in bed is important because it assures them that have a healthy sleep eight to nine hours a night , "said Tania Johnston, spokesman bedeck , a company that conducted the study. According to the survey, this should be your ideal routine to have the perfect night's sleep: The evening meal should be at least 1 hour and a half before bedtime. Take you a cup of tea at 9:10 pm. to relax and promote a good rest, you should for about 2 hours and 7 minutes before bedtime reading your emails (41 minutes) , surfing the net (51 minutes), chatting with your partner or a family member (41 minutes) and watching television (1 hour and 45 minutes). wear your pajamas and put her head on the pillow at 10 pm. Lie down on your right side and make your partner snuggle on your back. On paper this sounds great, but really we are all able to finish our daily activities before 8 pm, to continue this routine and be with the lights off at 10 pm?

How hunger affects what we see

We happened: When we're hungry, anything that put us in front is desirable, sometimes even when it comes to dishes that normally would not choose. Or, when we want food, it's easier than a glance out the window of a restaurant we notice what's on the table of diners. This is a scientific reason for being: the hunger affects the perception of anything that is related to food, even of words.

The results of a new research showed how hunger affects what we see. Researchers tested two groups. One of them had lunch and the other had not eaten in four hours. Participants then had to look at words on the computer, at a rate that prevents us from reading them, but that it allows the brain to consciousness of them. A quarter of the words was related to food, and the rest were neutral words. After observing a total of 80 words, subjects were again shown, now calm, that word and one additional word. For example, if shown the first word was "bread" in the second part of the experiment were shown the words "bread" and "glove". Then they were asked what word was originally taught them at high speed. hungry participants performed better and acknowledged they had seen the words related to food, and said these words looked even brighter than neutral words . highly desirable stimuli appear more likely than other types of information to be noticed by our consciousness, the study published in the journal Psychological Science . According to the researchers, this could probably be an important skill of evolution that has prevailed in our nervous systems.

Avoiding excess wax in the ears

I know I talk about you suddenly can seem a bit rude. But the truth is we all have wax in the ears. The ear canal produces this goo to protect the ear and then out through the conduit to the inside, and that's when we see it. There are some people that seem to produce more than others. I almost I have ears dry and I think that is because although it sounds weird, I clean them so close together. Wiping diarimente instead of help can make the wax moves to different places where you can stick and cause serious problems. Want to take care of your ears and keep them clean?

I offer these tips:

1. Dry your ears after swimming or swim, and shakes his head to remove water that you may have entered into the ears. Also, a few drops of hydrogen peroxide will help dry out any moisture that may remain.

2. If you suffer from earwax can resort to the technique of "ear candling" or known as candle in the ear. It is a special candle bee wax in your ear you burn and heat stimulates the area. You can see video here

3. A wonderful recipe for the hearing is to place a piece of onion on the stove in olive oil until hot. Then take it with a dropper and a comfortable temperature, you do not burn, put it in the ear on that side and rest 5 minutes.

4. Do not put any sharp objects in my ears, I mean especially the sticks or anything you think you can help flush the wax.

5. Wash Chamomile: Make a chamomile tea, let it warm up and then do a wash dropper in each ear. If you have pain, this will calm him down, provided it is not an infection. If you have an infection call your doctor

Study links diet soda with heart disease

Previous studies have disproved that diet soft drinks cause diabetes , but today, these drinks fall back into the controversy after new research claims that there is a relationship between diet soda and heart disease . The epidemiological study that lasted 10 years was released online in The Journal of General Internal Medicine.

According to , it included 2.564 adults over 40 years, residents of Manhattan. The researchers found that both diet drinks such as regular were related to various risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease. Even after to control more of these risks, including diabetes, researchers found that daily consumption of diet soda was independently associated with increased risk of stroke, heart attack and death.

The reason for this relationship was unclear, the authors of the study, so its results should be interpreted with caution. This was published NYTimes . " This is not to alarm those who make these drinks , " said study author, Hannah Gardener, an epidemiologist at the University of Miami. " What we found was a relationship, and this could be due to some other variables that were not considered . " However, she said, if people stop drinking diet soda, "will not be missing out on important vitamins or minerals" .

World Kidney Day: How to prevent and detect early kidney disease

As for six years, the March 8 marks the World Kidney Day , an initiative that aims to increase awareness and information available regarding the renal disease . It is estimated that worldwide more than 500 million people suffer some form of kidney damage, with the high blood pressure and diabetes two of the main causes of this evil .

On the other hand, is also known that the presence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) is associated with increased cardiovascular risk. In fact, in people with CKD the chances of dying from a cardiac event increases 8 times.

The importance of early detection "The main problem of CKD is usually no symptoms until advanced stages. Therefore early identification is essential, as there therapeutic measures that decrease the progression and consequences. Through a simple blood and urine, and taking blood pressure, it is possible to detect any early sign of kidney disease, "Dr. William appropriated Fragale, medical staff of Nephrology, Hospital Universitario Austral (HUA) in Argentina. "The progression of renal disease is controllable if diagnosed early and as long as they adequately addressed the factors responsible for deterioration of renal function. That's why experts insist a lot in the prevention and management of risk factors, "said Dr. Felipe Inserra, nephrologist in charge of the Renal Health Program of Fresenius Medical Care Argentina.

Prevention "The nephroprotection-comprehensive health protection kidney-is basically preventing the impact systemic diseases, mainly hypertension and diabetes, but also requires specific tools such as diet and drugs, "said the doctor meanwhile Paul Raffaele, director of Nephrology and Dialysis Center Fresenius Medical Care - Favaloro Foundation. On Furthermore, it is important to avoid smoking, physical inactivity and obesity.

How food? To care for kidney health food should be healthy and varied, with foods low in sodium, potassium and phosphorus, as well as sugar and fat. The key is to choose and prepare dishes "kidney friendly", to care for their proper functioning. In this regard, experts recommend limiting the amount of dried fruit, nuts or chocolate chips as well as coconut, and vegetables such as priority peppers or squash, which are low in potassium. also important to avoid the use of soy sauce, which can be changed by vinegar, fruit juice, sesame oil and grated ginger. Finally, it is preferable to rule packaged soups and condiments ready to use. Source: Health News Pro.

New pill to fight alcoholism

Scientists have unveiled a new drug that could radically improve the treatment of people suffering from alcohol dependence. Unlike previous drugs, which makes the person feel bad when you drink alcohol, the new pill ' Nalmefene 'works by blocking the brain mechanisms that provide pleasure when drinking . The great benefit of this pill is that it is possible to reduce half the alcohol consumption by half . "Reducing alcohol consumption to safe levels may be a realistic and practical treatment for people who depend on the substance," said Dr. David Collier of Barts and London School of Medicine, Queen Mary University of London. According to reports the British site Marie Claire , the tablet will be used when addicts are in a position of temptation, and offer a combination of medication and advice to the 1.6 million alcoholics not currently receiving treatment in the UK.

Zinc, present in oysters, how do we help?

We've all heard about oysters and the effects they have on people's sexual desires. Do not know about you, but just think of an oyster look closely, I'm good creepy! This is my personal perception of oysters, but I also know that oysters are loved by many and considered a delicacy. So how something so muddy and slimy can turn men on? In moderation, the oysters are indeed very healthy for you because they are high in zinc, a mineral used in the production of testosterone.

Zinc is also needed for the defense system (immune) from the body to function properly and plays an important role in cell division, cell growth in wound healing and the disintegration of carbohydrates. Zinc is also needed for the senses of smell and taste. A zinc deficiency can cause or worsen, from acne to diabetes. This is because zinc is necessary for the body to produce insulin (the hormone that regulates glucose levels in the blood), to eliminate harmful toxins and maintain a healthy immune system.

Zinc helps regulate insulin therefore helps regulate appetite. Insulin is a key hormone in the metabolism , and levels are increased along with body fat. Because obese people have high insulin levels a chronic, often become resistant to the hormone and eventually develop diabetes. In other words, foods rich in zinc are not only vital for our bodies but our help regulate insulin levels which in turn helps control our body weight. So what are the types of aphrodisiac foods containing these levels Elevated zinc? Before you begin to swallow foods high in zinc for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should also consider that too much zinc can be toxic to your body. Therefore, the key is moderation.


Nuts          Sprockets
Turkey Pecans (pecans)
Tomatoes Chestnuts
Sweet potatoes (yams) Cashews
Sunflower seeds Cauliflower
Strawberries (strawberries) Peas
High fiber cereal Peanuts
Almonds Peaches
Zucchini Parmesan Cheese
Artichoke Cheese
Avocado Chicken
Spinach Mashed chickpeas (hummus)
Soja (Soybean) Chickpeas
Bananas Bananas Cucumbers
Beef Fish
Blackberry Red beans
Seafood Lettuce
Onion Olives
Oysters Eggs
Radish Kiwi
Pumpkin seed Crescent Bean (beans)
Pig Milk

The downside of eating these foods rich in zinc is that only 15% -40% of the zinc is absorbed into the body. The dietary fiber and phytic acid in the brain prevent the absorption of zinc in your body. However, according to research, if you increase the intake of foods containing Vitamin C, E, B6 and magnesium, they can help you better absorption. But remember again, everything in moderation. Too much of a good thing can also be detrimental to your health! Yes, even sex can cause problems too!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

10 myths of orgasm will not let you enjoy

Myth 1: A larger, more orgasms

Only the first two inches of the vagina are sensitive to stimulation, showing size does not Influence That all. The average size of an erect penis is 6.16 inches (15.65 centimeters), According To the Kinsey Institute. To the relief of Many: only 2% Have a penis 8 "- 9" (20 or 22 cm).

The appearance does count
Some women have confessed to experience more pleasure with beautiful men. A scientific study published in the journal "Human Nature", showed that women who are paired with attractive males have more orgasms than those who are married or girlfriends with men less attractive.

Myth 2: The only orgasm DURING intercourse is Obtained

According To the Kinsey Institute, 68.2% of men had her first orgasm while masturbating, the 13.11%-through an erotic dream, the 12.53% in a sexual relationship and 4.33% as a result of homosexual contact.

The first of These
Estimated That is 50% of Women Had Their first orgasm at age 20. Their first 40% HAD jerking climax, 27% in a sexual act, 24% in premarital games, while dreaming 5%, 3%-through contacts With The same sex and 1% other Means-through, as Reported Dr. Kinsey.

Myth 3: The vaginal orgasm should be

This confusion arose with Segmund Freud. He wrote that there were two types of female orgasms: clitoral and vaginal on, considering the first than the second. For Freud, the clitoris was like a small penis, so said the orgasm "clitoral" was something masculine.

The real revolution women
Were Alfred Kinsey, William Masters and Virginia Johnson the first to say That Could women sexual pleasure and orgasm Obtain-through stimulation of the clitoris, and They found this little organ nerve endings HAD many more than the vagina.

Myth 4: All Women Had an orgasm

According To the survey "Orgasm Survey," 7.78% never Reached the climax. Plus: the 27.01% Never Have an orgasm DURING intercourse, 60.85% while stimulating her clitoris eat, aptly Called "the organ of pleasure".

Clitoris in sight!
Renaldus Columbus (c. 1516-1559), an anatomy professor and surgeon at the University of Padua, Italy, discovered the clitoris in the body of his patron Dona Ines de Torremolinos. In his work "De re anatomic" (1559), first described the "seat of female pleasure", which he called "pleasure of Venus."

Myth 5: The key is penetration

There are men who at the time of love, become a "human drill" where all that matters is penetration. Then They complain That Their wives are "frigid", when to take Into account in Fact other interesting resources help women to climax That.

The world's Most Successful formula
"The Australian Study of Health and Relationships", University of Sydney, shows That it is Easier To Have an orgasm if intercourse DURING include: vaginal, oral stimulation of the penis, vagina, fondling "private" man and woman.

Myth 6: The man is faster

Although difficult to accept, is a reality: women reach climax in an average of 3.9 minutes, while men do it in just 2.4 minutes. However, they experience contractions after orgasm longer than them.

Speaking of excitement, to draw
That is Often women are said to become aroused Slower. However, not true! Research by McGill University, Canada, found men and women take That the Same time excited: 11 to 12 minutes.

Myth 7: They always have "two in a row"

False! After orgasm, men Tend to feel satisfied and unwilling to return to an immediate genital contact. However, Some women may still eroticized genital area Have and want to be Penetrated or Stimulated again.

Myth 8: They are selfish if they do not expect

A few moments before the climax, the man enters a phase called "tipping point" where it is impossible to stop. The penis is erect, and seems to gain "autonomy", moving rhythmically with increasing force. Thus, 99% of men can not stop when close to orgasm.

Myth 9: The orgasm is a physical issue

nothing more wrong. The first thing to remember is That sexologists orgasm starts in the head and not on the genitals. The Expert at William Masters and Virginia Johnson Called "blocking" the Factors That causes a woman or a man can not Achieve orgasm.

5 Things That Prevent you enjoy
Only When having sex you can, the Lack of privacy and time for sexual encounters, Responsibility magnify the one and believe That the other is up to us to reach a climax, concentrating only on our own pleasure, take sex as a duty, to think , relax or worry DURING the event.

Myth  10: They know very well when they are satisfied

The "National Study of Sexual Health and Behavior," University of Indiana, showed that about 85% of men said their partner had an orgasm during their last, while only 64% of women said they had reached climax.

19% of men do not Understand women
This is Suggested by the results of the study at the University of Indiana, Which Found That Almost 2 out 10 men are Convinced That Their wives or girlfriends spend so great in bed.

The important thing is not the goal but the road
That's the idea of ​​sex. Lovers to come, they enjoy, are known. Find pleasure in each of the strokes. So the satisfaction is not the culmination but every second shared. If you conceive the sex thus, orgasm is guaranteed...

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Ecstasy has serious effects on the fetus

MILAN - There is much talk of MDMA, the scientific name for MDMA (the active ingredient of which is the metilendiossimetaanfetamina), about youthful buzz. It died recently of a minor for having "dropped" a tablet too, but the colorful tablet takes its toll not only among the boys in discos or rave and there are pregnant women (maybe young) who use it. A British team has wanted for the first time demonstrate the plausible, but until now never felt fine, adverse effects on fetal development.

COMPARISON - The team, formed by Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in collaboration with the University of East London (UEL) and Swansea University, UK, has compared, at the time of birth and four months of life, some infants whose mothers had taken the amazing pregnant with a sample of "normal" children. Comparing the data showed that the children of young consumers of ecstasy were more often male and had deficits of movement and coordination skills .

STUDY - In essence, the assumption of chemical drugs affect the kind that the study involved a sample of 96 persons and was published in the journal Neurotoxicology and Teratology. In addition, the tablet would have a very significant impact on gait and coordination skills of children, particularly in eye movement and hand, to balance your head and sit without any support. The stresses Derek Moore, a professor of psychology at UEL, adding that they also suggest other side effects long term, as a reduction of memory performance and learning and even emotional development (the authors of the study will continue to monitor the children until ' age of 18 months). Andy Parrott, of the University of Swansea, shows that the impact of ecstasy on the fetus is extremely serious, but not surprising . "This drug may reduce the level of serotonin in fact, which is an important neurotransmitter and is crucial for a number of brain function including motor control, but also the regulation of mood and sleep."

The tablet OF RAVE - The damage of the rest of rave drugs have long been known and not surprising that also have an influence on the fetus of the mother who uses it. In particular, note the action of the drug on serotonin. The substance damages the so-called serotonergic neurons, compromising the ability of the brain to integrate information and emotions. Understandable and predictable were the difficulties, both ethical than practical, the scientific assessment by the British team. Young mothers often consuming ecstasy were also making use of other drugs, but users of this drug have reported discomfort is particularly evident with regard to employment status, and for the social and health problems. Yet for many users this derivative of amphetamine is still not perceived in all its dangers. Including some future mother still unaware of the ongoing pregnancy and the effects of ' prenatal exposure to ecstasy .

A headache? It is not an excuse study "serves women"

"Sorry dear, I have a headache." The most overused excuse women between the sheets, in fact, is not an excuse but a proven scientific fact: the headache is really a killer of love. In 90% of affected women is associated with objective fact, sexual problems, and in one case of 5 ditching desire. To fulfill generations of wives and partners, unjustly accused of "appetite" is a study by the University of Pavia, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine . First name in the list of authors to Rossella Elena Nappi, known gynecologist and sexologist, lecturer to the University of Pavia and forces in the structure of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo. "At last we have freed women - he says - Now, in fact, no one can say that they use a headache as an excuse" to deny to the partner.

STUDY - Together with colleagues from National Neurological Institute IRCCS Mondino, home to a headache center between the main reference in the Peninsula, the scholars of the university and the Hospital recruited 100 women, mean age 40 years, all in cure for migraine with or without aura, or for both episodic and chronic tension-type headache (more than 15 days of headache per month). "All patients with a severe degree of disturbance, and this assisted in a level III center - says Nappi - who often also had a history of abuse of analgesic drugs." The women were subjected to neurological tests to assess levels of anxiety and depression, has been carefully analyzed their medical history and medication, and through specific questionnaires have been investigated on their sexual performance and the degree of stress "in bed". Score: 9 out of 10 patients reported sexual lives below the standard set of normality, almost 3 out of 10 (29%) confessed stressed for this discomfort, and 20% stated a decrease in libido

PAIN - "Together with friends of Mondino - Nappi says - we thought about this study on the assumption that the headache, it is a pain that occurs frequently, for various reasons may have a negative impact on the quality of sexual life of those who suffers. Thus we have verified that the mechanisms of vulnerability to pain are common, "and therefore that" the headache may also cause sexual pain, generally understood as the perception of pain at 360 degrees in the intimate relationship. " "Headache - says the gynecologist and sexologist - has its roots in issues vascular tone affects the mood, and many patients are taking medications with possible side effects. We observed that women are just more abuse of analgesics to report sexual problems - added Nappi - This may be because, like humans some of these medicines interfere with sexual function, even in the female the same could happen " .

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